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Sofi Competitors: Diverse Lending Solutions Beyond SoFi

sofi competitors

Sofi isn’t the sole choice when it comes to Loan Servicing Software. Delve into a diverse array of competing alternatives and options. Apart from Sofi, there are various critical factors to weigh during your quest for alternatives, such as the user interface. We’ve meticulously curated a selection of solutions that have garnered reviewer acclaim as top-notch Sofi competitors. This curated list includes Sageworks Lending, TurnKey Lender, Finflux, and FIS Commercial Lending Suite.

Top Selection of Companies Like Sofi

Below are some of the best Sofi alternative options for those looking for other options:

Sageworks Lending

You can cut down on how much it costs to start a loan and make lending work better with Sageworks Lending and Credit software.

When people want loans, they want to get them quickly. And the people who give out loans want to be sure they’re giving out good loans. Abrigo’s lending software can help banks and other financial institutions make more money and work more efficiently.

The different parts of Abrigo’s loan origination software can do things automatically, which is helpful for financial teams. They also get rid of separate piles of data. When you put these solutions together, you can use data better and make better reports. This helps banks learn more, grow, and make more money online.

TurnKey Lender

TurnKey Lender stands out as a global B2B SaaS company with a unique offering. They offer comprehensive decision management solutions and services in addition to an advanced artificial intelligence-driven lending automation platform. Their recent achievement includes securing $10 million in funding in July 2022, earmarked for seizing fresh opportunities in embedded lending across North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

TurnKey Lender’s distinctive feature lies in its ability to automate the entire digital lending process. Their impressive reach extends to approximately 180 clients and over 50 million end-users across more than 50 countries who rely on their SaaS platform and embedded financing software.


FinFlux is like an all-in-one lending toolkit just for you. You can do everything from getting loans to managing your money, tracking your financial stuff, and even using cool apps to borrow money. Plus, they have a special way to check how good you are with money using different data.

Right now, FinFlux is helping more than 4 million people like you with loans worth $3.2 billion. It’s growing fast! FinFlux isn’t just for regular banks; it can help all sorts of groups, like microfinance places, SACCOs, regular banks, and even new fintech companies. They also help people who help others get loans and work with folks who bring loans to you. It’s like a superhero loan for everyone!

FIS Commercial Lending Suite

FIS is a big player in the world of money technology for companies and institutions, no matter how big or small they are. They have a set of tools for lending to businesses that compete with SoFi. You might find it interesting that in 2021, FIS ranked 241st on the Fortune 500 list, which means they’re a pretty important company.

It’s a complete package that helps with everything from the beginning to the end of the lending process. It’s quite flexible and can adapt to different ways of doing things. Plus, it’s got some tools that can crunch numbers and give you insights into your lending business. It even has a special platform for creating your own loan management solutions if you’re a bank, a company that lends money to people, or a fintech firm.


CloudBankIN been helping out financial institutions like NBFCs, MFIs, and Fintechs with different types of loans—stuff like personal loans, business loans, vehicle loans, insurance loans, term loans, gold loans, and even special loans that lenders dream up.

What does CloudBankIN have in its toolbox? Well, there’s a Loan Origination System, a Loan Management System, Accounting stuff, and Reports & Dashboards. It’s all about making lending easier and more automated for you. Plus, it’s super flexible and can grow with you. So no matter what kind of lender you are, they’ve got you covered with their smooth and easy-to-use digital lending solution.

Calyx PointCentral

Here’s how Calyx can help you with your mortgage needs. They’ve got compliant mortgage software that’s perfect for banks, credit unions, lenders, and brokerages. Their technology is easy to use, with tools like online interviews for borrowers, systems for starting loans, and software for signing things electronically.

Calyx PointCentral makes it all simple, no matter how big or small your institution is, and no matter how you like to do things. In fact, in August 2022, Calyx made their Zip platform even better with new stuff to make things smoother for both borrowers and the folks who help you get your loans.

So, if you’re a mortgage banker or lender, you can switch to Calyx PointCentral to make your loan application process smoother, just like SoFi. Calyx is the top choice if you’re looking for an alternative to SoFi for mortgage lending.


Consider LoanPro as your go-to lending platform. It’s a unique and modern system designed for lenders like you. With LoanPro, you can come up with new lending programs faster, which helps you make more money from loans while also making your lending process work better.

LoanPro does a lot of things to make lending easier. It helps with managing loans, taking payments, handling collections, and getting data. All of this is built on a modern system that makes lending smoother. What’s cool about LoanPro is that it can handle all sorts of loans and credit cards because it’s designed to work on the cloud. This means you can stay ahead of what’s happening in the market, meet your customers’ needs, and make your lending business grow in a big way.

Choose from the Sofi Alternatives Above

You can find other ways to borrow money besides SoFi. Many options will fit your specific wants. You can find a wide range of choices, such as cutting-edge lending technology, smooth digital lending solutions, or all-in-one mortgage software. Check out other great apps like Sofi, like Sageworks loan, TurnKey Lender, Finflux, FIS Commercial Lending Suite, and more, to find the one that’s best for your loan business. Don’t be limited in your options; use these great alternatives to improve your loan processes, boost growth, and make your customers happier!


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