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Explore Oregon’s Best Camping Destinations


The camping season is just about to bloom on the horizon. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer in the stunning landscapes of Oregon or you find yourself a bit perplexed about where and how to set up your tent, you can now experience that Oregon Life is here to provide the perfect guide. Unearth fresh locales for your evening bonfires within these pages, or check to see if your cherished spots have earned a spot on our compilation of the best camping in Oregon. Don’t forget to explore the clickable map after this article, which will lead you to every spot featured in this exciting journey.

The Best Places to Camp in Oregon

Discover the prime locations for setting up camp or parking your RV in Oregon as we unveil our carefully curated selection of the best campsites in Oregon.

Fort Stevens State Park

Fort Stevens, a colossal public campground, holds the echoes of its past as a formidable military installation safeguarding the Columbia River from the Civil War era through World War II. In the present day, this sprawling 4,300-acre park unfolds a multitude of exciting recreational opportunities, including camping, beachcombing, invigorating hikes, wildlife observation, and an intriguing historic shipwreck to investigate.

Located in close proximity to Astoria and Hammond, Fort Stevens is the best campground on the Oregon coast and boasts a range of amenities designed to enhance your outdoor experience. You can expect modern conveniences like flush toilets, hot showers, a hiker/biker camp, some electric hookups, and ADA accessibility.

Cape Lookout State Park

Nestled at the heart of the Three Capes Scenic Route, Cape Lookout State Park embodies the thrill of being perched on the very edge of the continent. With an expansive array of over 200 campsites and a dozen cozy cabins, this coastal gem invites adventurers to linger on its captivating cape. The campsites offer swift access to the ocean and a plethora of other awe-inspiring natural wonders.

While the majority of Cape Lookout Campground sites cater to the needs of tent campers, approximately 37 of them are tailored for those traveling in RVs. Regardless of your choice, each site boasts hot showers, flushing toilets, and readily available potable water sources. To add a touch of comfort to your wilderness experience, the campground also features pet-friendly yurts and cabins, seamlessly integrated into the enchanting forested surroundings.

Nehalem Bay State Park

This picturesque 4-mile expanse of land gracefully bridges the gap between the vast ocean and the tranquil bay. As of 2023, the park is in the midst of an exciting phase of development, with ongoing efforts to introduce new camping options, enhance utility facilities, and revitalize the boat ramp parking area.

Situated conveniently near Tillamook, Nehalem Bay State Park offers a range of essential amenities to enhance your outdoor experience. Expect modern conveniences such as flush toilets, hot showers, and easy access to a boat ramp.

Mazama Village Campground

Mazama Village Campground stands as the primary hub for overnight stays within the enchanting confines of Crater Lake National Park. Situated just a brief drive away or accessible via a scenic uphill hike, campers at Mazama Village find themselves on the doorstep of the awe-inspiring splendor of Crater Lake’s southwest rim. The vista that unfolds from this elevated viewpoint serves as a testament to why this ancient caldera ranks among Oregon’s most sought-after natural wonders.

This campground operates its seasonal magic between June and September, welcoming visitors to bask in the park’s magnificence during the warmer months. With a total of 200 campsites at their disposal, it’s no wonder that Mazama Village becomes a hive of activity during the summer, with many camping enthusiasts securing their spots well in advance, up to six months ahead of time.

Loon Lake

Prepare to be enchanted by the magical waterfront setting of Loon Lake Campground, nestled along the southern banks of Loon Lake. This idyllic location offers a diverse array of campsites and an extensive menu of outdoor adventures, making it the ultimate haven for nature enthusiasts seeking relaxation and recreation.

Conveniently situated near the charming towns of Scottsburg, Elkton, and Reedsport, Loon Lake Campground provides an assortment of essential amenities to elevate your outdoor experience. You can look forward to modern comforts such as restrooms equipped with hot showers, electric hookups for added convenience, equipment rental options, and the convenience of an onsite store.

Silver Falls State Park Campground

Found twenty miles to the east of Salem in the picturesque Willamette Valley, Silver Falls State Park promises a captivating display of nature’s artistry with its breathtaking waterfalls. The globally acclaimed and nationally designated Trail of Ten Falls weaves its way through the expansive 9,200-acre state park, offering enchanting views and even the opportunity to venture behind multiple waterfalls that stand over 100 feet tall.

Silver Falls offers a versatile array of camping options, catering to a range of preferences. Approximately 50 sites await tent campers, while an additional 50 sites come equipped with electrical hookups for RV enthusiasts. For those seeking a cozier retreat, cabins, and spacious group sites are available for reservation in advance. Moreover, the park ensures that your camping experience remains comfortable, with amenities such as showers, flushing toilets, and potable water readily accessible throughout all camping loops.

Emigrant Lake

Emigrant Lake offers an abundance of recreational opportunities to keep you entertained, ranging from leisurely swims and fishing adventures to thrilling boating excursions and tranquil camping experiences. Hiding amidst a backdrop of breathtaking vistas and boasting a conveniently accessible location, it stands as the quintessential destination for a rejuvenating weekend getaway or an exhilarating day trip.

With its proximity to the charming town of Ashland, Emigrant Lake ensures you have easy access to essential amenities and attractions. You’ll find well-maintained restrooms, invigorating hot showers, and the convenience of electric hookups, all designed to enhance your outdoor experience.

Strawberry Campground

Known as a hidden gem within the captivating Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon, this campground serves as the gateway to the spellbinding Strawberry Mountains Wilderness. With a humble offering of 10 sites available on a first-come, first-served basis, each boasting a favorable rate, it has become a favored choice for outdoor enthusiasts eager to embark on the Strawberry Basin Trail at the crack of dawn.

For the convenience of overnight visitors, the campground provides potable water and a single vault toilet, ensuring basic comforts amid the rustic wilderness setting. Despite the allure of the adjacent wilderness area, Strawberry Campground manages to maintain an air of tranquility and remains pleasantly uncrowded, even during the bustling summer months. For those seeking an alternative approach to fully immersing themselves in the natural splendor of the region, the option of setting up a backcountry camp awaits a mere mile down the Strawberry Basin Trail.

Choose the Best Camping Spots in Oregon for Your Upcoming Weekend Getaway

Start an adventure you’ll never forget in Oregon’s varied scenery! Oregon has a lot of great places to camp, from the beautiful waterfalls in Silver Falls State Park to the wild beauty of the Strawberry Mountains Wilderness. Whether you’ve been camping before or this is your first time, check out the best places to camp. Each one has its own special features and benefits. In some of Oregon’s most beautiful places, you can make experiences that will last a lifetime, connect with nature, and relax. Plan your next trip outside today and see what amazing things the Beaver State has to offer.


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