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Elevate Your VR Experience with the Best VR Accessories

best vr accessories

To fully dive into virtual reality (VR), you need all your senses and actions to be part of the experience. Taste and smell are a bit too tricky for VR right now, but feeling things and moving around are doable. If you’ve just gotten yourself a VR headset and want to find some cool extras, you’re in the right spot. In this blog, we’re going to show you the best VR accessories that every VR fan should consider.

This guide is for you if you want to learn about VR add-ons, like cameras, suits, controllers for PCs, and more.

What are VR Gaming Accessories?

VR game accessories are used to enjoy virtual reality along with your VR headset and controllers. Some of these accessories help create VR stuff, while others help you experience it.

The accessories can be divided into two main groups: one for making VR content, like camera setups, and the other for using VR content, such as trackers and controllers for your PC and other gadgets.

VR Covers

If you’re spending a lot of time wearing your VR headset, you might notice some skin discomfort because of sweating. This can happen when you’re playing intense games like Population One, Beat Saber, or FitXR.

Good news! There are solutions to help with this. Oculus, which is now part of Facebook Reality Labs, is offering a new silicone cover to replace the foam on the Oculus Quest. This new cover can absorb sweat when you’re exercising or playing games.

But there are other options too! Many companies make VR covers for different VR headsets. For instance, VR Cover offers various types of covers for most headsets. So, you have choices to keep your skin comfortable while enjoying VR.

Virtual Reality Cameras

Virtual reality cameras are pretty cool because they can do two things. They can record videos and make 3D pictures. You can take the stuff you record or make with these cameras and put it into programs like Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, and others. Then, you can change and make new things with them.

If you’re into making VR stuff, having a virtual reality camera is a smart move. These high-quality VR peripheral accessories can record everything in 360 or 180 degrees, which means you can tell a story from lots of different angles. It’s the same idea for 3D and VR pictures. You can use a single camera or a bunch of them together to do this.

VR Gloves

VR gloves are pretty cool because they make things in VR feel real. This makes the whole experience more fun and like real life.

Most VR gloves you’ll find are made for businesses to use, but there are a few that regular folks like you can use too. Take CaptoGlove’s gaming hand machine, for instance. It’s a great option instead of controllers. It works with different devices, like Windows PCs, iPhones, and Android gadgets. You can control stuff in the game by moving your hands, like picking up and putting down objects, and doing things that follow the laws of physics.

VR Controllers

VR controllers are devices you use in virtual reality to change things in the virtual world. You can use your hands, feet, fingers, or other body parts with them.

Hand VR controllers are held and operated with your hands. They have buttons (like gamepads), and some can track your hand and finger movements. These controllers make your virtual hands and fingers move just like your real ones.

Some VR controllers have haptics. This means they send tiny electric signals to your hands and fingers, so you can feel things in the VR world like you’re there.

Foot VR controllers work with your feet and toes. They use motion and position tracking, and some can give feedback that you can feel.

Full Body Tracker

Just like VR gloves, a full-body tracker makes you feel really inside the virtual world. Most of them are meant for training, but there are some cheaper ones if you just want to enjoy the virtual world and get excited.

For instance, there’s the bHaptics Tactsuit X16. It’s a light vest that costs $299. You can wear it for a long time, and it gives you strong haptic feedback, making the virtual world feel real.

Wireless Trackers And Adaptors

  • VR Adaptors: Some VR headsets like Vive, VIVE Pro, VIVE Pro Eye, and VIVE Cosmos now have wireless adaptors. They let you enjoy room-scale virtual reality without the hassle of cables.
  • VR trackers: VR trackers are like adaptors. They let you use real objects in virtual reality. For example, you can use gloves to play a virtual guitar or climb a virtual rock. These trackers use sensors to find each other and make it all work.

VR Lenses

VR lenses serve as a shield for your headset’s lenses, safeguarding them from small scratches and smudges. They also block out harmful light to lessen eye strain. Installing these protectors is a straightforward task. You can easily slide the VR lens covers onto your VR headset lenses for a secure fit. And if you wear glasses, you can opt for prescription lenses designed for VR to replace them and enhance your VR experience.

Virtual Reality Chairs

These chairs come with a footplate connected to a motor system. You simply press your foot on this plate to make your in-game character turn. But that’s not all—some specialized gaming chairs, especially those used for racing simulations, go the extra mile.

In these racing chairs, you’ll find footplates for gas and brake pedals, stands to hold the steering wheel and even an e-brake handle. This setup not only gives you the freedom to move while seated but also immerses you in the game. Whether you’re driving a virtual car, experiencing simulated gaming flight, or embarking on space adventures, these chairs make it feel real.

What’s more, they help prevent motion sickness. In VR, motion sickness can happen when your eyes send a confusing signal about your body’s balance. This occurs when you turn your head to explore the 360-degree VR world around you, which isn’t visible in your direct line of sight or peripheral vision. These chairs help by synchronizing your body’s movements with what you see in VR, reducing the chances of motion sickness, and making your gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable.

VR Treadmills

Imagine a treadmill, but one that takes you to a whole new dimension—that’s a virtual reality treadmill. These nifty devices serve dual purposes: training and immersive gaming or 360-degree VR exploration. They let you walk, run, jump, and even fly in any direction within the virtual world, all while you remain physically confined to the equipment.

Here’s how they work: VR treadmills are typically constructed from sturdy plastic. Users strap themselves in using a waist harness and don unique shoes designed to reduce friction. The treadmill also features sensors that track your position, how long your strides are, and how fast you’re moving. All this data is then sent into the virtual game world, where it’s transformed into your in-game movements. So, you can walk, run, and explore freely in VR, all while staying in one place.

Enhance Your Gaming with the Best VR Accessories

Step into the future of gaming and virtual reality with the ultimate accessories that will elevate your experience to new heights. Whether you’re diving into the immersive world of VR, creating your virtual content, or seeking the most comfortable and dynamic gear, we’ve got you covered. Explore VR gloves that make your interactions feel real, controllers that put you in charge, and full-body trackers for unparalleled immersion. Don’t forget the practicalities, like lens protectors and comfortable covers. Take your gaming and VR adventures to the next level with these incredible accessories.


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