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What Are The Best International Payment Gateway?

What Are The Best International Payment Gateway?

In today’s interconnected world, international e-commerce has become a vital component of businesses’ growth strategies. As businesses expand their reach to customers across borders, the need for reliable and efficient international payment gateways has never been more critical. International payment gateways facilitate secure and seamless transactions between businesses and customers worldwide. Nevertheless, given the abundance of choices, it can be difficult to ascertain which payment gateway is most appropriate for facilitating your international transactions. In this article, we will explore the concept of international payment gateways, discuss their advantages over traditional banking methods, and highlight some of the best payment gateways for international transactions.

What is an International Payment Gateway?

An international payment gateway refers to a technological platform that allows businesses to receive payments from customers residing in various countries. It acts as a bridge between the customer, merchant, and acquiring bank, securely transmitting payment information and facilitating transaction authorization. These gateways cater to diverse payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and alternative payment alternatives.

How do These International Payment Platforms Differ from Banks?

International payment gateways offer distinct advantages over traditional banking methods when it comes to processing international transactions. They provide seamless integration with e-commerce websites, ensuring a smooth checkout experience for customers. Unlike banks, payment gateways are designed to handle a high volume of online transactions, offering faster processing times and reducing the risk of transaction failures. Additionally, payment gateways often provide advanced fraud detection and security features to protect both merchants and customers from fraudulent activities.

The Best Payment Gateways for International Transactions?

1. PayPal

PayPal is a globally recognized and trusted payment gateway, operating in over 200 countries and supporting over 100 currencies. It offers fast activation, easy integration, and a user-friendly interface. However, transaction charges may be relatively higher compared to other options.

2. Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe is a popular cloud-based payment gateway that provides businesses with full control over integrating new payment options. It supports over 135 currencies, offers robust security features, and provides 24/7 technical support. However, Stripe may not be available in all countries.

3. Alipay Global

Alipay is an excellent choice for businesses targeting the Chinese market. With over 550 million users and the ability to process 8.5 million daily transactions, Alipay offers easy integration, secure payments, and efficient settlement options. However, it supports a limited number of currencies.

4. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is an adaptable payment gateway that is well-suited for small businesses, offering a high level of customization. It accepts payments from major card providers globally and provides advanced fraud protection measures. Nevertheless, its availability in certain countries may be limited.

5. WorldPay

WorldPay operates in 146 countries and supports over 126 currencies. It offers flexible integration options, integrated fraud screening, and recurring payment capabilities. However, some merchants have reported hidden charges associated with the service.

6. Braintree

Recognized for its developer-friendly integration choices, Braintree, a PayPal subsidiary, is a well-liked payment gateway. It provides support for more than 130 currencies and incorporates advanced functionalities like recurring billing and fraud prevention. Braintree offers businesses across diverse industries a smooth and streamlined checkout experience, making it a widely adopted choice.

7. 2Checkout

2Checkout is a highly utilized global payment gateway that operates in over 200 countries, making it extensively popular. It facilitates multiple payment methods, encompassing credit cards, PayPal, and various local payment alternatives. It offers a simple integration process, customizable payment pages, and robust fraud protection. 2Checkout provides businesses with access to a vast customer base and supports over 45 different languages.

8. Adyen

Adyen is a comprehensive payment platform that caters to global businesses. It supports over 250 payment methods, and 187 currencies, and operates in more than 200 countries. Adyen provides advanced risk management and fraud detection capabilities, ensuring secure transactions for both businesses and customers. Its unified platform simplifies payment processing and offers features like recurring billing and mobile optimization.

9. PayU

PayU is a prominent payment gateway that holds a significant position in emerging markets. It functions in 19 countries spanning Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America. PayU provides support for more than 300 payment methods and delivers customized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each market. With its robust technology and extensive network, PayU enables businesses to tap into growing economies and reach a diverse customer base.

10. Skrill

Skrill is a well-known payment gateway and digital wallet that facilitates global payment acceptance for businesses. It supports over 40 currencies and provides secure payment processing, quick payouts, and customizable payment options. Skrill also offers additional features like prepaid cards, loyalty programs, and integration with popular e-commerce platforms. 

How to Choose the Payment Gateway to Use?

When choosing the optimal international payment gateway for your business, multiple factors must be taken into account:

  • Geographical coverage – Ensure that the payment gateway operates in the countries where you conduct business.
  • Currency support – Check if the gateway supports the currencies you need to transact in to cater to a diverse customer base.
  • Integration options – Evaluate the ease of integration with your website or e-commerce platform to streamline the payment process.
  • Security measures – Look for robust security features, including encryption, fraud detection, and PCI compliance, to safeguard customer data.
  • Transaction fees – Compare the transaction fees and pricing structure of different gateways to find a cost-effective solution for your business.
  • Customer support – Consider the availability of responsive customer support, preferably 24/7, to address any issues or concerns.

Carefully evaluating these factors will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your business needs. 

There are Many Good International Payment Gateways

Ultimately, the ideal choice of an international payment gateway for your business will vary based on multiple considerations, such as your target audience, transaction volume, security prerequisites, and customer preferences. PayPal, Stripe, Alipay Global, Authorize.Net, and WorldPay are among the top international payment gateways renowned for their features, reliability, and global reach. However, it is crucial to thoroughly research and assess your specific business requirements before choosing the most suitable payment gateway. By leveraging the capabilities of a reliable international payment gateway, businesses can unlock new growth opportunities and provide a seamless payment experience to customers worldwide.


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