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You might find writing assistants helpful. A lot of people want software that’s simple to use and lets them create customized templates for different tasks. People like using Copy AI because it helps them come up with catchy slogans for their businesses, write friendly emails to reach out to new people, and make computer-written articles for their websites. But, if you’re someone who likes to give your AI lots and lots of information to work with, Copy AI might not be the best choice. With that said, we made a list of other alternative software that people think offers more features.

Top Competitors

Looking for software or a website like CopyAI? Check out our carefully curated list below:


In the world of marketing, every single word is super important. Every day, people create more than 1 billion marketing messages online. Unfortunately, a lot of these messages have biases, they cost a ton to make, and they don’t work very well. That’s where Anyword comes in! AnyWord’s big mission is to fix these problems. It’s like a super smart computer program that helps marketers like you create messages that are just right for the people you want to reach.

Anyword learned a whole bunch about marketing by looking at millions of marketing messages. It also looks at your past data to get even smarter. Then, it helps you write messages that are super pro-level and fit perfectly on different websites and apps.

ClickUp AI

An incredible free alternative to CopyAI is ClickUp AI. It’s a helpful writing assistant that lots of different departments in a company use to make their work better. If you’re in the sales team, it can help you write emails to reach out to people. For the product and engineering teams, it’s great for making plans and studies. And even the marketing teams use it to save time when they’re making notes for writers or writing about successful projects.

No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s thinking up ideas, writing stuff for websites, or making long articles for your audience, ClickUp AI is like a super-fast helper. Instead of spending half an hour thinking really hard, you can just put in a few sentences, and it gives you new ideas right away. That means you have more time to do other important things.

Jasper AI copywriting tool

The Jasper AI copywriting tool is like a magic app for making content, and it promises that you’ll save a whopping 80% of your time compared to how you used to write—this is like a dream come true for folks who create content and marketing stuff.

Just like how they’re always improving AI tools, Jasper AI is making some changes too. They’ve said goodbye to their old Boss Mode and Starter plans and now offer three different choices for users like you. This way, it’s easier for you to pick the one that fits your budget the best.

Jasper AI works right inside Google Chrome, so you can make content super fast. They’ve got a bunch of different templates, more than 50 of them, for all sorts of things like making long articles, writing Google ads, emails, or even describing products.


If you’re running an e-commerce business, Copysmith has designed their product specifically with you in mind. While tools like vs have a wide range of uses, Copysmith shines when it comes to helping e-commerce businesses with their copywriting needs.

Sure, you can use Copysmith to craft both short and long-form content for just about any type of business, but what sets them apart are their exceptional features for creating product descriptions and e-commerce ad campaigns. It’s like having a personal assistant dedicated to making your e-commerce business sound amazing and enticing to potential customers. So, if you’re looking to make your product descriptions and ad campaigns stand out in the crowded online marketplace, Copysmith is the tool that’s got your back.


Writesonic’s special writing tool makes your work go faster. It helps you think of ideas and write stuff in less time. They use GPT-4 for all the paid plans, which is the newest and coolest technology.

They made their features so they can help different groups like marketing teams, online stores, people who start their own businesses, and writers. So, whether you’re making a webpage to tell people about your business, talking about how great a product is, or writing a blog post to explain tricky stuff, Writesonic’s tool is like a time-saver that makes your team work better.


Simplified is easy to use on your phone, and it can connect with lots of other apps. But most of the apps it connects to are meant for teams who work with pictures and designs, like Pixabay, Brandfetch, Storyblock, Pexels, and Unsplash. Simplified also has a big group of users who help each other and good tools for working together.

But here’s the thing: when it comes to writing, Simplified doesn’t have as many options as and other similar tools. The stuff it writes might not be as clear, unique, or well put-together.

Now, about the price – it goes up as you need to write more words every month. Simplified also comes with tools for making graphics, editing videos, and posting on social media. But if you’re mainly interested in writing, there are other tools at the same price that do a better job with more writing choices and lots of templates. So, it might not be the best pick just for writing.


If you’re a journalist, a student who writes a lot, or someone who makes content for the internet, and you want to make your writing better, you might like Wordtune instead of

Wordtune is a bit different. It doesn’t give you templates or ideas to start your writing, and it only works in English. Instead, it helps you make your writing better after you’ve finished it. It doesn’t help you make a whole new piece of writing; it helps you make the writing you already did sound even better.

If you want to get the premium plan, it costs $9.99. With that, you can change your writing, make it sound different, and make it shorter or longer, all using Wordtune. It’s like a handy tool to make your writing sparkle.

Which of the Copy AI competitors do you think offers more features?

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect writing assistant to boost your creativity and productivity, explore the top alternative options. From Anyword’s mastery of marketing language to Jasper AI’s time-saving magic, there’s a tool tailored to your needs. Don’t miss out on finding the perfect match for your content creation journey—take a closer look at these alternatives and discover the one that will supercharge your writing skills and efficiency today!


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