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Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Remote Patient Monitoring Companies


The global shift towards digital transformation has significantly affected traditional healthcare, with emerging technologies like remote patient monitoring (RPM) playing a pivotal role in enhancing outcomes and cutting costs. RPM offered by top remote patient monitoring companies enables healthcare providers to monitor patients beyond the traditional clinic environment, offering continuous data exchange between patients and physicians. This technology facilitates 24/7 monitoring and has been embraced by over 88% of hospitals and health systems, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving connectivity between healthcare facilities and patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring Vendors that Simplify Patient Navigation

We have gathered a list of remote patient monitoring (RPM) companies that are leading the way in value-based care. Explore the list below.


Medopad connects patient-reported data with clinical and genomic information, generating valuable insights for improved treatment plans, economic advantages, and the development of new AI initiatives. The company stands out with its strategic partnerships with top hospitals specializing in complex diseases. Medopad has successfully implemented solutions for more than 30 indications and crafted over 100 modules, enabling them to easily deploy and customize their solution to any extent.


GYANT is one of the largest remote patient monitoring companies with chat-based products utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to gather and analyze patients’ medical histories, guiding them through healthcare options. Within minutes, users receive a disposition, self-care guidance, or a referral to a suitable care setting. GYANT’s AI enhances efficiency by updating the patient chart, streamlining e-visits to telehealth or in-person encounters, and reducing the charting workload for providers. After the initial encounter, the software systematically initiates proactive communication with patients through personalized follow-up protocols. This approach aims to promote adherence to treatment plans and improve overall outcomes.


Ejenta is in the process of creating a sophisticated personal assistant platform designed for diverse sectors such as space exploration, government operations, and healthcare. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the company’s agent technology understands users’ everyday activities, oversees adherence to mission plans, and delivers customized guidance, coaching, and support. It’s worth highlighting that Ejenta’s agent technology functions continuously, providing support around the clock at NASA’s Mission Control for the International Space Station.

Constructed using NASA’s exclusively licensed technology and supported by two decades of research in human activity modeling, human-robot interaction, multi-agent systems, and security, the platform incorporates wearable and ambient sensors to gather real-time behavioral data. Subsequently, this data is examined by a team of intelligent agents operating in the cloud.

ChroniSense Medical

ChroniSense Medical creates wearable medical-grade devices designed to monitor vital signs and various health factors, enabling both patients and healthcare professionals to effectively manage chronic conditions without disrupting daily activities. The advanced sensors embedded in these devices measure a range of medical data, including blood oxygen, electrocardiography, blood pressure, cardiac output, and vascular resistance. The instantaneous transmission of this data to caregivers improves the monitoring procedure. Particularly noteworthy is the placement of ChroniSense’s proprietary sensor on the radial artery, ensuring essential data for chronic monitoring is readily available.


Vitls has addressed the challenge of approximately 75% of adverse events and preventable hospital deaths occurring outside the ICU by developing an innovative solution for early detection of patient deterioration. Their groundbreaking platform enables healthcare providers to consistently and remotely monitor vital signs, thereby improving patient care. Real-time monitoring not only detects patient decline early on but also contributes to reducing the length of hospital stays, treatment costs, and readmissions. The approach significantly enhances patient outcomes and satisfaction scores.


Neteera is a groundbreaking sensing technology developer aimed at improving customer engagement and care by monitoring well-being and vital signs. It employs terahertz technology featuring advanced sensors, software, and algorithms for signal processing and data interpretation. Particularly noteworthy is Neteera’s proficiency in imaging through materials that are neither transparent nor conductive. This capability allows for the measurement of micro-movements and molecular spectral fingerprints. Consequently, clients can monitor the mechanical activity of the heart and obtain precise data comparable to an electrocardiogram.


iHealth enables individuals to actively participate in the management of their health by providing innovative and user-friendly mobile personal healthcare products that are connected to the cloud. The company’s products simplify the process of accurately measuring, tracking, and sharing various health vitals. Through automatic cloud connectivity, consumers gain a comprehensive view of their health data and can easily share information with healthcare professionals, facilitating more informed and collaborative health management. is reshaping the field of artificial intelligence (AI) by leveraging its extensive proficiency in machine and deep learning, signal processing, and AI to tackle intricate challenges across various industries. The company excels in health analytics, uniquely leveraging its technology to turn any device with a basic camera into a medical-grade healthcare tool. This digital health feature, based on video, includes the measurement of heart rate and heart rate variability, producing valuable data for stress assessments.

ContinUse Biometrics (Cu-Bx™)

Cu-Bx™ is revolutionizing healthcare with its contactless health monitoring platform, embedding proprietary sensors into various electronic devices or vehicles to seamlessly monitor the vital signs of individuals within range. Notably, the system requires no ongoing intervention, preserving daily routines and eliminating adherence issues. The sensor utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to observe and analyze essential health data, including heart rate, estimated blood pressure, and respiratory and cardiac patterns. The collected data streams to a digital health cloud, facilitating trend detection and insights to enhance health, safety, and overall well-being.


Cardiomo is a medical-grade device equipped with biosensors and an AI engine that monitors vital signs, including breath and skin temperature. Remarkably, it can detect over 100 cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and issue life-saving alerts before events occur. In addition to its medical uses, Cardiomo functions as a wellness device for outpatients and monitors geriatric wellness, with the capability to detect falls and periods of inactivity.

Choose from the Top Remote Patient Monitoring Companies

The forefront of healthcare innovation with advanced technologies is designed to improve patient outcomes and revolutionize traditional practices. From remote patient monitoring to AI-driven solutions and wearable devices, discover the transformative potential that is shaping the future of healthcare. Participate in the digital transformation movement, empowering individuals to actively engage in the management of their health. Embrace the opportunities, foster innovation, and contribute to a healthier and more interconnected world.


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