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Start Cleaning Houses for Money: How-to Guide


If you’re okay with working hard and want to make some extra money during summer or your free time, cleaning houses could be a good option for you. It doesn’t take too much time, and you can earn a decent amount of money. If you’re interested in cleaning houses for cash, you’re in the right spot! Let’s get started.

Cleaning Houses for Money

Starting a good side job cleaning houses under the table isn’t just about working and getting money; lots of people doing cleaning gigs mess up because they don’t know how to find the right customers or set fair prices. If you want tips on finding new clients, skip ahead to that part, or keep reading because we’ve got all you need to know right here.

The Framework

Starting a cleaning side hustle is quick, but remember this: Everyone wants a clean house, but not everyone wants to pay your price. To be more effective at it, just follow these simple steps:

  • Choose your target market
  • Identify the competition in your area
  • Decide how much you’ll charge
  • Find potential leads
  • Present your offer

Buy Your Cleaning Equipment

To make more money from your side job, it’s smart to keep your costs down. Some people who start cleaning on the side skip buying supplies and expect their customers to provide them. This saves you money, but there’s a catch. If your customers don’t have the right equipment or supplies, like a broken vacuum or missing cleaners, you might end up delivering a sub-par cleaning job. This could lead to unhappy customers canceling on you or you delivering less-than-perfect and unsatisfactory results. Plus, if you use your own stuff for your side job, you’re always ready to go, which makes the work quicker and easier.

Residential Cleaning or Commercial Cleaning?

If you’re new to cleaning, it’s common to wonder whether to clean houses or businesses. For a side job, we suggest starting with houses. One advantage you have is that you can build a personal bond with customers, which can help your business. Remember, being in people’s homes requires trust. Building that trust will help you stand out, and customers will be willing to pay for good cleaning from someone they trust.

In commercial cleaning, things are different. Usually, you’ll work harder but get paid less. The hours can be weird too because businesses want cleaning done after work hours, like evenings or late at night. But if you already have a full-time job, these after-hour shifts might work for you. Now, let’s talk about picking your target market in residential cleaning.

How to Select Your Market for Residential Cleaning

Choosing the right proper target market before you begin to clean people’s houses for money helps you earn more per hour. In your community, there are different types of people:

  • Some won’t ever pay for cleaning.
  • Others might if the price is right.
  • Then there are those who’ll pay what you ask if you understand and meet their needs well. We’ll call them your ideal customers.

Identify which group you’ll focus on – that’s your target market. The best group to serve is your ideal customers because they’ll pay your price if you meet their expectations. They usually won’t argue about the cost as long as you stick to what you agreed upon.

More About Your Target Market

Now that you’ve decided who you’ll clean for, it’s time to find out more about them:

  • Figure out who your ideal customers are
  • Find out where they live
  • Learn about the people in your area
  • Understand what they want
  • Decide how you’ll give them what they need
  • Know how much they’re willing to pay

To learn about the demographics in your area, just search for your city, state, and “demographics” on Google.

Identify Your Competition

Knowing about your competition is really important when you’re starting a side job. Your customers have choices, so it’s good to know what those choices are. You especially want to know why they pick your competition instead of you. To understand your ideal customers better through your competition, you can read our article about it.

In every city, there are different types of cleaning companies and lots of side hustle cleaners. To find out more:

  • See who’s advertising to your target market
  • Check how long their ads have been around
  • Learn about the services they offer
  • Find out how much they charge

Also, look into franchise cleaning companies, independent cleaners, and solo cleaners. Use all the ways you can, like Google, social media, Yelp, and even coupons in the mail.

Define & Refine Your Service

Once you’ve figured out who your ideal customers are and checked out what your competition is up to, it’s time to tweak your cleaning side gig.

  • First, list out exactly what services you’ll provide.
  • Next, set your prices for these services. Being clear about what you’ll clean and how much you’ll charge is key.
  • Think about what other cleaning companies aren’t offering or aren’t doing well. This could be your chance to stand out and solve a problem for customers.

Remember, you’re in this to make money, but don’t undercut yourself just to get clients, unless you’re just starting out. Even then, present your lower rate as a temporary deal, not your regular price.

Get a Dedicated Phone Number

To make your cleaning side gig stand out, get a dedicated phone number. Answer calls promptly or return them quickly as interested customers are likely ready to book. Having a phone number not only makes you look more pro but also boosts your chances of getting hired, ensuring you’re ahead in the game and presenting a pro image is key to gaining clients in the cleaning business.

Start Cleaning Houses for Cash Today

Ready to start making extra money cleaning houses? Follow these simple steps: Choose your target market and set fair prices. Don’t forget to buy your own cleaning supplies to ensure quality work. Stick to residential cleaning to build trust with customers and maximize earnings. Identify your ideal customers and understand their needs to stand out. Research your competition and refine your services accordingly. Lastly, get a dedicated phone number to appear more professional and increase your chances of getting hired. Let’s get cleaning!


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