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Make More Money as Hairstylists with Easy Steps


You can definitely make six figures as a hairstylist with hard work and determination, even without being a celebrity or working in fancy salons. We’ll help you understand what it takes to succeed in this field through simple explanations and practical advice in our blog, covering everything from the numbers to business basics.

Advancing in your career

Hairstylists can make a lot in a year. However, even though becoming a hairstylist isn’t a quick way to get rich, hitting the $100K milestone is possible in the beauty world. It’s about putting in the work, just like any other job. If you’re already in the field and not close to six figures, research how you approach your work. For beginners, be prepared to start from the bottom and work your way up professionally. The great thing is, making $100K doesn’t mean working crazy hours. It’s about smartly growing your business to reach your goals.

How to Make $100K as a Hairdresser

You can easily make $100K as a hairstylist in one year in many ways, but some key numbers can make it easier. Let’s explore one path to hitting $100K and then break it down into simpler steps.

Know how to track numbers

To understand your earnings better, keep track of three things: how many regular clients you have, how much they spend on average each time they visit, and how often they come back in a year.

We suggest creating your own system to monitor this information, separate from what the salon provides. Even if you’re on a commission plan, it’s important not to depend solely on the salon’s point-of-sale system for your data.

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals and build a 2-year plan

Let’s break down setting goals into five simple steps:

  • Specific: Don’t just say you need to make more money or get more clients. Get specific. For instance, aim for 3–4 new clients monthly and maintain a client retention rate under 20%.
  • Measurable: Make sure you know exactly what numbers you’re aiming for and have a way to track your progress. Keep an eye on the numbers that will lead you to your goals.
  • Attainable: Be realistic. If you’re working part-time in a small market, setting a goal of 250 clients with an average service of $200 might not be feasible. Start with achievable targets and build from there.
  • Relevant: Ensure your goals make sense for your situation. Consider your lifestyle and what matters most to you. Focus on goals that directly impact your income and align with your priorities.
  • Timely: Set deadlines for your goals. Break down big goals into smaller, manageable steps with specific timelines. This keeps you on track and accountable for your progress.

Take advanced classes seriously

Keep learning! Always work on improving your skills, staying updated with the latest trends, and filling any knowledge gaps. The quicker you master high-value color services, the closer you get to reaching that $100,000 goal.

Store client details efficiently

Once you have around 200 clients, it’s nearly impossible to remember every detail that makes each relationship special.

After each client, take just 2 minutes to jot down some notes. It could be about their hair preferences, personal stories, or anything you discussed during the appointment. Remembering these little details makes clients feel valued and keeps them coming back.

It’s important to have a system for this, preferably not solely relying on the salon’s system. If you’re unsure where to begin, there are tons of free CRM platforms that’s great for organizing client information.

Have business cards

Always carry some business cards with you. When you’re out, compliment someone on their hair and offer them a card, saying you’d love to work with them. Even if it doesn’t lead to new business, you’ve made someone’s day with a nice compliment. You’d be surprised at how often this simple act can turn into new clients.

Know the timing for all your services

How long do your haircuts take? How about shampooing and drying? And what about Sue’s root touch-up developer time? Great hair takes time, but a lot of it is spent waiting around. Most stylists making over $100K a year double-book, using that idle time to make money.

They might cut Jen’s hair while Sue’s color is developing. To do this effectively without compromising client relationships or work quality, you need to know exactly how long each task takes you.

Raise prices as necessary

Every business owner faces a balancing act. You want to be paid what you’re worth without driving away your loyal clients. At the very least, remember that inflation happens. Every year, your money is worth a little less.

So, if you’re not adjusting your prices regularly, you’re actually losing ground. Plus, with each passing year, you’re gaining valuable experience, which should be reflected in your compensation.

Utilize social media

Your social media profiles represent you. If you mix personal and professional, keep it classy. If not, consider creating separate accounts and adjusting privacy settings.

Share your work actively on social media. Take before and after photos of your services, choose the best ones, and post them. Use good lighting, a nice background, and a quality camera.

While this might attract new clients, it’s also about showcasing your best work digitally. It serves as a portfolio for potential clients and can help you advance in your career, even reaching that $100K milestone.

Don’t get too comfortable

If you’re not earning what you deserve or don’t see a path to hitting $100K at your current salon, it’s time for a serious talk.

Are you neglecting social media because you’re content with last year’s earnings? To reach six figures, you need to stay motivated. Getting too comfortable leads to a career plateau.

Make $100K in a Year as a Successful Hairstylist

Ready to take your hairstyling career to the next level? With practical advice and simple tips, our blog guides you towards reaching that $100K milestone. From tracking numbers to mastering advanced techniques, we’ve got you covered. Start implementing these strategies today and watch your income soar. Don’t settle for less when you can aim for success!


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