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Other Sites Like Grammarly: 9 Paid & Free Grammar Alternative Tools

sites like Grammarly

Writing is crucial for emails or business blogs, making you look professional and engaging. Tools like Grammarly can help improve your writing, but it’s not the only option. Choosing the right writing tool is important, so this article reviews some of the best grammar and style checkers available. Who knows? You might find the ideal Grammarly alternative here. 

Top Sites like Grammarly to Choose From

Let’s look at some of the best Grammarly competitors, covering their key features and prices.


ProWritingAid is a strong competitor to Grammarly, offering grammar and spelling checks, and style suggestions in its free version. For full features, you need the Premium version. Its special features include checking for alliteration and dialogue tags, but in the free version, it only looks at the first 500 words. It works with browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Edge, and it can connect with tools like Scrivener. Its main features are checking grammar, spotting plagiarism, suggesting synonyms, and giving detailed writing feedback. Pricing: free version, Premium at $20/month, $79/year, or $399 lifetime.



WhiteSmoke has tools to help with grammar, style, checking for plagiarism, and translating text. Though its features are simpler than Grammarly’s, it has advantages like Safari, Opera, and Firefox browser extensions, and desktop apps for macOS and Windows. Unlike Grammarly, it doesn’t have a free version, but its web version is cheaper. With the Premium and Business plans, you get desktop apps and connections to Microsoft Word and Gmail. Pricing: web version at $59.95/year or $124.95/three years, Premium at $79.95/year or $199.95/three years, and Business at $137.95/year or $317.50/three years.


Hemingway App

The Hemingway App helps simplify your writing by highlighting extra words, adverbs, passive voice, and complex sentences. It tells you how easy or hard your writing is to understand, and you can use it for free. For $19.99, you can get the desktop app, which integrates with WordPress and Medium for easy publishing. Key features include highlighting complex sentences, providing a readability score, and offering export options to Word or PDF.



Sapling is a tool designed for sales and support teams to create personalized responses on CRM and messaging platforms. It offers grammar correction, style suggestions, and quick text insertion for frequently used phrases. Supervisors can keep an eye on how well their team writes to make sure they’re communicating well with customers. Sapling works with different helpdesk systems such as Zendesk and sales/marketing tools like Salesforce. The fanciest stuff comes with the Pro or Enterprise versions, but even the free version gives you some helpful writing tips. You can choose between a free plan, Pro for $25 a month, or Enterprise with a price tailored to your needs.



LanguageTool is similar to Grammarly, offering grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks in its free version, along with basic style suggestions such as eliminating passive voice. The premium version provides additional style and tone critiques, synonym suggestions, and unique features like detecting misspelled names and numbers. LanguageTool is great because it can check writing in lots of different languages and dialects.

Key features include multilingual grammar checking, various English dialects, browser extensions, online editor, desktop app, and plugins for various platforms. Pricing includes a free version and premium options for individuals at $19/month or $59/year and for teams at $106.20 per year.


Slick Write

Slick Write is a free Grammarly alternative and offers fantastic features that are usually paid for in other solutions. It looks for really long and complicated sentences, and it also checks if you’re using too many extra words. Plus, you can change how it gives you advice to fit what you like, like if you want it to flag bad language or when you’re being too indirect.

Slick Write stands out for its detailed reports and analysis, providing statistics like readability and sentence length, as well as in-depth reports on writing flow and vocabulary. It also suggests words that go together and gives you links to places like Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary when you pick a phrase. Key features include grammar and style checking, customized feedback, reports, and Chrome and Firefox extensions.



PaperRater helps students with their essays and papers for college applications. It’s good at checking grammar, but it doesn’t have all the fancy stuff you might find in other similar tools. The plagiarism checker alerts you if your content is original and lists URLs with similar content; however, you need the Premium plan to identify which text is unoriginal. 

You can specify the writer’s grade level and paper type when submitting your writing, and

PaperRater grades the paper for writers in fifth grade and above. It also provides additional reports, such as analyzing the paper’s scholarly vocabulary. Key features include grammar and plagiarism checks, essay scoring, file upload, and an online editor. Pricing includes a free version and Premium at $14.95/month or $95.40/year.



Ginger Software’s writing tool offers features like Grammarly, and it includes a rephrasing feature similar to WordTune. The free browser add-on can check up to 600 characters at a time. It gives simple grammar help, offers ideas for rewriting, and suggests different words you could use. Upgrading to the Premium plan offers more style suggestions and a translation tool for over 40 languages. 

Some important stuff it can do includes checking your grammar, giving ideas for how to say things differently, looking up words in a dictionary, helping with translations, and letting you edit stuff online. You can use it on your computer with a Chrome add-on, or on your phone or tablet with an app. Pricing options include a free version and Premium at $13.99/month, $89.88/year, or $167.76 for two years.



WordTune is a tool to enhance your grammar and style, but it stands out from other Grammarly alternatives. Instead of just checking your writing, it focuses on rewriting entire sentences. When you hover over a sentence, it offers multiple suggestions for rephrasing it. The Premium version allows you to choose between formal or informal rewrites and whether you want your writing to be shorter or longer. Key features include multiple rewrite suggestions, synonym suggestions when you highlight a phrase, and availability as a Chrome extension and online editor. Pricing includes a free version and Premium at $24.99/month or $119.88/year.


Try the Most Suitable Grammarly Alternative from Our List

Improve your writing effortlessly with these diverse alternatives to Grammarly. Whether you’re a student aiming for polished essays, a business professional crafting engaging emails, or a content creator striving for clarity, there’s a tool tailored to your needs. These tools can help you with lots of stuff, like checking your grammar and making your sentences sound better. They even check to see if you copied something from somewhere else. Try them out to make your writing even better and pick the one that works best for you!


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