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Discover Unforgettable California Beachfront Rentals


Embrace the ultimate choice for astute leisure explorers: Embark on an unforgettable escapade to a mesmerizing vacation haven perfect for every generation by choosing from the many California beachfront rentals. Along this stretch of coastline, an abundance of ocean-facing and bay-adjacent properties are at your disposal, presenting a wealth of options and, with meticulous inquiry, potential economic advantages.

Our quest has led us to uncover an array of splendid residences spanning the entire coastal expanse, replete with amenities that encompass everything from beachcombing bicycles to indulgent whirlpools. Revel in the extra breathing space afforded by a domicile rental, a step above the confines of traditional lodgings, and bid farewell to those inconspicuous surcharges (adieu, parking woes and resort tariffs).

Discover Some of the Best Beach Houses in California

Ready for a weekend getaway at the beach? Choose the best beach house in California from our list below;

Ocean Front Home in Pacific Grove, California

Nestled within the annals of history, this captivating gem offers uncharted perspectives of the boundless ocean and an exquisite tiled veranda, where patrons can catch glimpses of a myriad of marine creatures, from frolicsome dolphins to playful otters, stately seals, and majestic whales. Moreover, the tastefully adorned Spanish revival ambiance exudes an abundance of charisma. Situated in a serene inlet, this residence stands as a tranquil oasis within strolling distance of Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey, and the bustling heart of Pacific Grove. Furthermore, a brief drive will transport you to the enchanting realms of Carmel and the breathtaking vistas of Big Sur—an unrivaled location that captures the essence of convenience and splendor.

Accommodates: 4
Price: $800 per evening
What Makes It Special: A blend of history, panoramic ocean vistas, an unbeatable central location

“Sand Castle” in Mission Beach, San Diego, California

This big two-bedroom house sits right by the sunny bay in Mission Bay, a really nice spot in San Diego for families. It has big outdoor areas next to the sandy beach. That means whoever is cooking on the grill can also watch kids playing in the sand just a short distance away. The house is also near lots of cool things to do, like Sea World, Belmont Park, and the Mission Beach walkway. You can also do water stuff like riding jet skis, windsurfing, sailing, and swimming. The comfy and fancy penthouse might make you not want to leave and just have fun right here.

Fits: 4 people
Cost: $347 each night
Why We Like It: Great for families, close to fun places, lots of water activities

Home on the Riviera in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California

If you’re seeking a well-furnished and wonderfully adorned house to host a small group, this treasure in Pacific Beach is exactly what you need. Found in a quiet, peaceful part of town just a short walk from the soft, sandy beaches and all the other exciting stuff too. (The Pacific Beach area has lots of interesting shops, small stores, and places to eat, plus it’s really lively at night.) And the best part, this modern and generously large house has three huge decks facing the setting sun over the ocean. So, everyone can enjoy the stunning view of the sunset.

Sleeps: 8 guests
Price: $670 for each night
Why We Really Like It: Beautiful views, right in the middle of things, lots of space, great for families

The Aquarius Beachfront Home in Santa Cruz, California

The Aquarius is one of just two private homes sitting right on the clean beach of Corcoran Lagoon in Santa Cruz and, no need to say, the closeness to the ocean gives amazing views. The living room has big windows made of glass that look right onto the beach, and the house’s two well-furnished porches and the backyard with its nice garden (it even has a hot tub and fire pit) also look towards the ocean. Also, the bedrooms are roomy, have nice decorations, and you get to them by using a cool spiral staircase.

Accommodates: 8 people
Price: $506 every night
Why We Adore It: Big outdoor area, ocean scenes, lots of space inside, really nice design

Completely Remodeled Guesthouse in Long Beach, California

Couples and small families seeking a cozy and affordable beach rental will find everything they need in this comfy one-bedroom guest place. It has fantastic views of the ocean and the city skyline of Long Beach. And the best part is, this lovely spot is super close to the beach. It even has a special entrance right on the Boardwalk. Plus, it’s a short walk to lots of places to eat and shops in Belmont Shores. (We’d tell you about the private garage, but you won’t need your car much.)

Sleeps: 4 people
Price: $285 each night
Why We’re Excited About It: Perfect for couples, fits your budget, great views

Canyon Beach Guesthouse in Santa Monica, California

We’re taking a chance and saying you probably won’t find a better deal for a vacation home in the City of Angels than this one. This open and sunny guesthouse has a really nice inside with a big open space and an extra sleeping spot up in a loft. But the best part is the huge, super private outdoor patio. So it has a bar, a big grill area, a fire pit, and lots of room and chairs. It’s so big you could have a party here – just need to make some friends at the State Beach and Santa Monica promenade, both just a few steps away.

Sleeps: 5 guests
Price: $206 per night
Why We’re Thrilled About It: Great value, lots of room, perfect for families

Bungalow on the Sand in Oxnard, California

For a more relaxed feeling, visit this fun SoCal bungalow. It’s a real home for families with lots of character (an artist from Disneyland painted the inside)! Additionally, there’s a top spot right on the sand. The mix of tropical vibes and old-style beachy decorations will make you think you’re in Havana. But you’re by the Pacific Ocean, not the Caribbean. Luckily, this nice house gives you easy ways to enjoy the water (like riding jet skis and going on boat trips), and they have all the things you need to have a good time at the beach.

Sleeps: 4 guests
Price: $495 per night
Why We’re Excited About It: Beach house with cool vacation feel, great for families, lots of outdoor fun

Spend the Best Time in the Private Beach House Rentals in California

Get ready to uncover the most enticing beachfront getaways in California! Whether it’s the historic charm in Pacific Grove, the sunny relaxation in Mission Beach, the picturesque views in Santa Cruz, the cozy elegance in Long Beach, the lively vibes in Santa Monica, or the tropical escape in Oxnard – each one of these unique vacation homes offers something special.

If you’re with your partner, family, or friends, these carefully selected California beachfront rentals promise unforgettable experiences. These offer great value and loads of outdoor fun. So pack your bags and embark on your dream Californian beach adventure today!


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