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If you own an online store, then it’s time for you to get ready for the holiday season! And don’t worry, even if you’re just starting out, you can still benefit from the big shopping rush at the end of the year. We’ve got some great Black Friday ideas for small businesses that we’ll share with you in this article.

You don’t have to miss out on the most lucrative time of the year. With the right promotion plan, you can make good money and get your brand noticed on Black Friday, even if you’re a new business.

Let’s go through our list of Black Friday ideas for small businesses, using these important points:

Top Black Friday Sale Ideas for Small Businesses to Follow

You already understand why Black Friday matters for your small business, but thinking up unique Black Friday deal ideas can be a bit tough.

We’ve got you covered! Our best Black Friday promotion ideas will show you how to make deals your customers will adore and when to promote them. These ideas will give you the spark you need to kickstart your Black Friday marketing efforts.

Flash sale / Hourly deal

If you want to make customers feel like they should act quickly, then flash sales or hourly deals are a great idea.

Having deals that change every hour adds some extra excitement and encourages shoppers to keep coming back to your store. You can start with a lower discount on everything in your store and then make it even cheaper every hour. Putting a countdown clock on your site will remind potential buyers about the sale and motivate them to come back before it ends.

Gift guides

Gift guides are a fantastic and cost-free way to assist you in finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones and embrace the spirit of Black Friday – the kickoff to the holiday shopping season!

When we help you discover creative, unique, or custom gifts (with some special discounts), we’re showing that we care about your shopping experience and are committed to helping you choose the right items to spend your money on.

Gift guides are also an excellent method to bring more people to our store and build trust as we approach the Thanksgiving spending weekend.

Here are some examples of useful gift guides:

  • Gifts for new moms
  • Unique gifts under $20
  • 13 great gifts for tween girls

Bundle discounts

Absolutely, one of the best Black Friday ideas for your small business is using the ‘Buy more, save more’ approach.

When you bundle your products together, you’re encouraging shoppers to purchase more items at once. Customers will feel like they’re saving money because it’s often cheaper to buy two or more items together than separately.

This tactic is popular among smaller stores for a good reason. Product bundling works really well in getting customers to spend more. This is true especially during the holiday season when they’re shopping for gifts for their families and friends. Offering a discount for larger shopping carts will also boost your Average Order Value (AOV) and increase your overall revenue.

Early bird sales

With more and more businesses competing for Black Friday shoppers each year, many are beginning their Black Friday ideas early. Pre-Black Friday sales often kick off in early November. In some cases, you might even find discounts as early as mid-October.

Starting your promotions before the Thanksgiving weekend is a smart way to get customers excited about shopping and make your brand stand out among the many others trying to grab people’s attention during the discount-packed weekend.

Plus, early sales are a great way to sell your products before customers spend all their money in the shopping rush that happens later.

Every year, as more and more businesses try to win Black Friday shoppers, they’re beginning their Black Friday deals early to catch the interest of eager shoppers. These early Black Friday sales often begin in early November, and some stores even start offering discounts as early as mid-October.

When you offer deals before the Thanksgiving weekend, it gets customers excited about shopping and sets your brand apart from the thousands of others trying to get noticed during the big discount weekend.

What’s more, early sales are a great way to sell your products before shoppers exhaust their money in the spending rush that comes later.

Last chance shoppers

One of the top boutique sale ideas tailored for small businesses during Black Friday is all about creating a sense of urgency. You can call it a “Second Chance” or a “Last Chance” sale.

This approach is mainly aimed at those customers who can’t decide easily. It gives them one final opportunity to grab your Black Friday discount. Shoppers who left items in their carts or missed the first round of discounts are likely to feel the urge to take advantage of this special offer before it’s gone for good.

Instead of using this tactic only at the end of your sale, you can extend it to keep your customers engaged even after Black Friday. Cart abandonment rates tend to go up after the sale period ends. So, it’s a good idea to offer something that keeps your customers interested and use this valuable moment to motivate them to make a purchase.

Buy more, save more

Who doesn’t enjoy getting something for free? Offering an extra reward when someone makes a purchase is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your customers and make each buyer feel special.

You can let customers choose their own free gift, have a specific item available for free, or create some excitement by including a surprise gift or package with qualifying purchases. The element of surprise is sure to pique their interest. In fact, nearly 90% of shoppers say they’re “somewhat likely” to shop more often from online stores if they’ve received a free gift in the past.

Studies show that shoppers are even more inclined to make a purchase when the gift is a mystery compared to when they know exactly what they’ll receive. In fact, a hidden free gift can double the likelihood of a purchase.

Kill the Black Friday Shopping with the Best Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses

Get ready to make this Black Friday your best one yet! Whether you’re starting small or already established, our Black Friday sale ideas for small businesses have got you covered. From exciting flash sales to thoughtful gift guides, we’ll help you stand out in the crowd. And don’t forget the ‘Last Chance’ offer to create urgency. Plus, who doesn’t love a freebie? So, gear up, implement these ideas, and make your customers feel special while boosting your sales this Black Friday.


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