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Steps on How to Start a Nail Tech Business at Home

what do you need to start a nail business at home

Now is a great time to start a nail business at home since many professionals are leaving salons. It’s a rewarding venture in the beauty industry, especially with the significant growth in nail care services. The global nail care market was valued at $19.10 billion in 2021 and is expected to rise further. Running a nail salon from home offers benefits like comfort, lower costs, and the opportunity to build a loyal clientele. However, being your boss comes with challenges. That said, here are some essential tips for starting a nail business at home.

What You Need to Become a Nail Technician from Home

Starting a nail business from home is a smart move with lower costs and the chance to grow your clientele. Once you’ve built a loyal following, think about opening a separate store. Right now, concentrate on figuring out how to begin your nail salon at home. We’ve gathered these tips to guide you toward success in your business journey.

Do Your Research

If you’re thinking about starting a nail salon at home, it’s important to do some research on the market. Even if you already know about nails, learning about local businesses and customers can help. Here are some things to think about:

  • Are there any other nail salons close by?
  • Who will be your customers?
  • What do other nail salons do?
  • Who else is competing with you?
  • What makes successful salons unique?
  • What’s popular right now?

Thinking about these questions can help you think of special ideas for your nail salon. Maybe you’ll focus on eco-friendly products, gel nails, or offering mobile services for events.

Possible and Additional Expenses

Starting a nail business from home might seem like a good idea for making extra money, but it’s crucial to know about the extra costs involved.


To get started, you’ll need to buy things like nail tables, chairs, and tools such as files and clippers. Plus, you’ll have to get basic supplies like nail polish and gels.


Having insurance that protects you if accidents happen at your business is a good idea. It can help you financially if anything goes wrong while you’re working.

Maintenance and Repairs

Keep your equipment and supplies in good shape by cleaning them regularly and fixing them if they break. You might also need to replace things that get worn out over time to keep everything running smoothly.

Modifications and Renovations

To set up your nail salon at home, you might have to make some changes, like adding more electrical outlets or getting better ventilation. You might even need to install a sink if you don’t have one already.

Licenses and Permits

Getting licenses for a nail salon at home can differ based on where you live and the rules there. Nail technicians need a license to show they keep things clean and hygienic. Depending on the rules in your state, you can get a license to do nails at home when you finish a course or do an apprenticeship to get one. Once you’re certified and your home salon meets the local rules, you can start your business.

Business License

To operate your nail business at home the right way, you must have a business license. Getting one usually means filling out a form and paying a fee.

Business Permit

To offer certain services, like nail treatments, legally, you might need a salon permit. This permit lets you do these services and might need you to pass a test or finish some training.

Liability Insurance

As a business owner, it’s smart to have liability insurance. This insurance helps protect you and your business if something goes wrong, like if a customer gets hurt. It keeps you safe from losing money because of accidents during your work.

Beginner Nail Technician Kit

If you’re just starting as a nail technician, you’ll need some important stuff to give great nail services. Here are the must-haves:

  • Nail polish and gel products
  • Tools for manicures (like scissors and files)
  • Nail polish is thinner
  • LED lamp
  • Nail drills
  • Things to keep everything clean
  • A comfy workstation that’s easy to use


People who know nails well say top brands like OPI, Orly, or Zoya are good choices for your beginner kit.

Create a Business Plan

Having a business plan is a must for any business, even your home nail salon. It’s important to spend time making a detailed plan that makes sense. With a good plan, you’re more likely to succeed and reach your goals quickly.

Competitive Pricing

Now that you’ve got your nail salon business plan sorted, it’s time to figure out how much to charge your customers. You need a price list that covers your costs and helps you make a profit. Think about what you offer and who your customers are. Take a look at what your competition is charging. It’s crucial to understand what customers are willing to pay.

Market and Promote Your Business

To get new customers, think about how you’ll let people know about your services. See what other nail salons nearby are doing. Try a mix of online and offline marketing, like making a website with deals for new clients or teaming up with local businesses for joint promotions. Word of mouth is a big deal these days, so make sure your clients leave happy. Encourage them to tell others about your salon, and maybe even give them a bonus for bringing in new clients. Reviews on websites like Yelp and Google can also attract more customers.

Establish a Strong Online Presence

To make your nail salon stand out, create a unique brand and market yourself well. Keep working on your marketing plan because it’s ongoing. Having a strong brand is really important for doing well. A catchy logo and name can help establish your business quickly. How will you tell people about what you offer?

You’ll need a website and active social media accounts to reach customers. Make sure your important info like location and hours is easy to find. Keep your blog updated and share photos on Instagram to boost visibility. Starting a nail salon at home can be scary, but if you do it the right way, you can succeed.

Start a Nail Business from the Comfort of Your Home with Ease

Before you begin your journey as a nail salon owner at home, make sure you’ve got the steps down. Starting up might need some money upfront, but once your business is rolling, you can expect a steady income. To keep customers coming back, offer something special. Good deals can help too. With a clever marketing plan, you can grow your business fast. Now it’s time to get going and make your home nail salon stand out!


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