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8 Popular LA Celebrity Clubs to Visit While in Town


During a night out in LA, spotting celebrities adds excitement to your experience. LA boasts numerous renowned movie theaters, dance clubs, bars, and restaurants where you could potentially encounter your favorite movie star any day or night of the week. Celebrities enjoy frequenting the best clubs and pool parties in the city, indulging in the same desire to unwind as ordinary individuals. Curious about which nightclubs might offer the chance to party alongside Justin Bieber or Katy Perry? This article explores some celebrity clubs in Los Angeles, providing a rundown of trending venues favored by the rich and famous. Continue reading for insight into where celebrities love to socialize.


Warwick is one of the top celebrity clubs in LA, which experiences its peak nights on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This expansive brick-walled warehouse exudes an ambiance of luxury, attracting celebrities and other affluent patrons. Inside, chandeliers adorn wooden rafters, while plush sofas offer seating throughout, primarily reserved for bottle service. Although there is no designated dance floor, guests groove between sofas and around the DJ. Additionally, an intimate lounge awaits upstairs for those seeking a more secluded atmosphere.

Bootsy Bellows

Gaining entry to this West Hollywood club can be quite exclusive, particularly on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, often requiring connections. Named in honor of actor David Arquette’s mother, who had a career as a burlesque performer and pinup model, Bootsy Bellows is among the famous LA clubs that exude an intimate ambiance reminiscent of 1960s glamour. Featuring live music, DJs, and peculiar marionettes, the venue occasionally hosts eccentric burlesque performances, adding to its unique charm.

Hyde Sunset

Located on the border of Hollywood and West Hollywood, this club experiences its peak activity on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Hyde Sunset, operated by SBE, prides itself on maintaining an exclusive atmosphere, catering to the A-list crowd while keeping away undesirable elements. So it’s no surprise it’s known as one of the best celebrity nightclubs in Los Angeles, initially serving as a trendy yet somewhat inconsistent restaurant with a “smart casual” dress code until 9 p.m.

The venue changes at 10:30 p.m. into a cocktail lounge, providing young celebrities with a space to socialize without intrusion from the general public. While DJs set the mood, there is no designated dance floor. Those opting for a late dinner reservation might have the opportunity to access the club afterward, while earlier dinner reservations are subject to a ninety-minute table limit to ensure turnover. For those solely interested in the lounge experience, bottle service is recommended for a hassle-free evening.


Delilah is one of the clubs celebrities go to in LA that has a sophisticated lounge reminiscent of the glamorous atmosphere of Hollywood’s Golden Era, serving as a popular gathering spot for celebrities. This 1920s-style establishment functions as both a restaurant and nightclub, attracting much of the attention of the contemporary entertainment industry. With an impressive selection of wines and cocktails, Delilah offers a delightful experience for patrons. However, the real allure lies in the opportunity for people-watching, as A-list personalities frequent the venue throughout the week, making it a prime destination for spotting celebrities.


Poppy immerses you in a surrealistic experience that transports you to a fantastical world. With its whimsical décor featuring elements like peacock poppies, garden gypsies, and human animals, coupled with top-notch music from renowned artists, the atmosphere is truly captivating. Unlike typical nightclubs, Poppy offers a unique perspective on the traditional night out, which resonates strongly with celebrities and Hollywood’s elite, contributing to its widespread popularity. It serves as an escape from reality that promises to leave you awestruck.


Hollywood’s latest sensation in the nightlife realm, MainRo, has swiftly become a hotspot, drawing in celebrities and avid clubgoers alike. This grand establishment marks the most significant restaurant and club opening of 2022, following a much-anticipated project that faced delays dating back to 2019. Despite the prolonged wait, the unveiling of MainRo proves to be worth every moment, positioning it on the trajectory to becoming a timeless staple in Hollywood’s scene.

Playhouse Nightclub Hollywood

Welcome to the ultimate destination for top-tier hip-hop celebrity nightlife in Los Angeles. If you’re seeking excitement laced with a hint of adventure, look no further than Playhouse Hollywood. Renowned for attracting celebrities who relish vibrant celebrations, Playhouse offers an unparalleled experience for those craving a night filled with exclusive VIP club privileges and the chance for star-studded encounters. With a track record of hosting electrifying performances by icons such as Diddy and 50 Cent, Playhouse unquestionably excels in delivering unforgettable parties.

Academy LA

Emerging from the legacy of Create Nightclub, Academy debuted in January 2018 within the same expansive Hollywood venue. Continuing its tradition of drawing fervent crowds enamored with EDM and various DJ-generated beats, Academy offers a dynamic environment primed for musical and visual experimentation. Within its confines, expect to be engulfed by capacity crowds amid a spectacle of laser and LED lights, cascading confetti, and refreshing arctic blasts to temper the fervor.

Seeking respite from the excitement? Retreat to the patio momentarily. Alternatively, secure a VIP table for a more intimate experience, or dive headfirst into the pulsating electronic dance music scene enveloping the surroundings. Presently, the club operates exclusively on Friday and Saturday evenings, so consult the online calendar for the latest updates and information.

Visit Some of the Best Celebrity Nightclubs in Los Angeles

For an unforgettable night out in Los Angeles, explore the city’s vibrant celebrity nightlife scene. Discover renowned clubs and lounges where A-listers frequent, offering the chance to mingle with the stars and experience the glamour of Hollywood. Whether you’re drawn to chic lounges reminiscent of the Golden Era or immersive venues transporting you to surrealistic worlds, there’s something for everyone. Plan your evening carefully, considering the peak nights of each establishment and the unique experiences they offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in top-notch entertainment and upscale amenities, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


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