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5 Different Ways To Make Coffee While You Are Camping

how to make coffee while camping

Camping, with its blend of fresh air and nature’s serenity, offers a perfect escape for those seeking adventure and a break from the daily grind. While it involves sacrifices and a departure from the comforts of home, there’s one indulgence you need not forsake: your morning coffee. In this article, we’ll explore five different ways to make coffee while camping, ensuring you can still savor that essential cup amid the wilderness.

Is it Hard to Make Coffee While Camping?

Making coffee in the great outdoors may seem daunting, but fear not—it’s entirely achievable with the right equipment and a touch of creativity. Recent innovations in camping equipment have simplified the process of relishing a freshly brewed cup amid the great outdoors. Portable and efficient coffee-making tools cater specifically to campers, ensuring that you don’t have to sacrifice your caffeine ritual while embracing the outdoor experience.

Investing in compact, lightweight coffee makers designed for camping, such as the AeroPress or camping-friendly French presses, can significantly simplify the process. Additionally, advancements in instant coffee options provide a hassle-free way to enjoy a quick cup without compromising on taste. With the right preparation and gear, making coffee while camping becomes an enjoyable part of the outdoor routine.

Will the Coffee Taste Different?

The brewing process in the great outdoors might lead one to wonder if it alters the taste of the coffee. Contrary to concerns, with the right method and quality coffee grounds, your camp coffee can be as delightful as the one brewed in your kitchen. The key lies in choosing a reliable brewing method that complements your taste preferences and the outdoor setting.

Quality instant coffee brands like Alpine Start and Mt. Hagen have revolutionized the camping coffee experience. These labels provide a variety of tastes, guaranteeing the ability to savor a flavorful and gratifying cup even in the wild. Embracing the outdoor experience doesn’t mean compromising on the richness and flavor of your cherished morning cup; rather, it provides an opportunity to savor coffee in a unique and natural setting.

Different Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee While Camping

Numerous methods exist for you to relish coffee during your camping escapades. Below are five of the simplest and easiest ways you can enjoy your dose of caffeine, even if you are outdoors.

1. Instant Coffee

Materials needed: instant coffee packets, hot water, and a cup.

Instant coffee is the epitome of simplicity, making it an ideal choice for camping. Lightweight, compact, and requiring minimal effort, it provides a quick caffeine fix for campers on the go.

Start by boiling water, then pour it into a cup containing the desired amount of instant coffee. Stir well, ensuring the granules dissolve. Allow it to steep for a moment before savoring the instant goodness. Brands like Alpine Start and Mt. Hagen provide a variety of flavors, proving that convenience does not sacrifice taste during your outdoor adventures.

2. Pour-Over Coffee

Materials Needed: single-serving pour-over stand, pre-ground coffee, hot water.

For those who crave a closer-to-home flavor, pour-over coffee is the answer. Brands like Kuju Coffee offer portable pour-over stands, ensuring you can enjoy a fresh, aromatic cup wherever your camping adventures take you.

Set up the portable pour-over stand, placing it over your camping mug. Add pre-ground coffee to the filter, ensuring an even bed. Pour hot water gradually in a circular motion, enabling the coffee to blossom and drip. The result? A fresh, aromatic cup reminiscent of your home pour-over routine.

3. AeroPress Coffee Maker

Materials Needed: AeroPress, coffee grounds, hot water.

The AeroPress is a versatile option for outdoor enthusiasts. Combining elements of pour-over, French press, and pneumatic press, it delivers rich and smooth coffee. Its quick brew time, easy cleanup, and compact size make it a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. The AeroPress Go model, designed for travel, further enhances the on-the-go coffee experience.

Begin by fitting a filter into the cap and securing it to the chamber. Introduce coffee grounds and hot water, stirring the mixture for ten seconds. Attach the plunger and press gently for a quick brew.

4. Camping French Press

Materials Needed: Camping-friendly French press, coarse coffee grounds, hot water.

Simplify your camp coffee routine with a durable French press designed for the outdoors. Brands like the GSI Java Press or Coffee Gator offer the ease of brewing and the rich taste of French press coffee without the fragility of a glass carafe. Enjoy the simplicity and robust flavor, making it a perfect choice for camping.

Drench the grounds with hot water, ensuring uniform saturation. Allow it to steep for a few minutes before gradually pressing down on the plunger.

5. Stove-Top Percolator

Materials Needed: Percolator, coffee grounds, hot water.

The traditional percolator remains an excellent choice for campers who prefer a strong, flavorful brew. Brands like Farberware Yosemite and GSI Glacier Percolator provide durability for both small and large camping groups. The percolation process ensures a robust cup of coffee, making it a classic and reliable option for camping adventures.

Pour water into the percolator and place coarse coffee grounds in the basket. Place it over your camping stove and let it percolate. The distinctive sound will signal the brewing process. Once done, remove it from the heat and let it settle before serving.

You Can Still Enjoy Coffee while Camping

Making coffee while camping is not only possible but can be a delightful part of your outdoor experience. Whether you opt for the simplicity of instant coffee, the ritual of pour-over, the versatility of AeroPress, the ease of a camping French press, or the robustness of a stove-top percolator, each method brings its own unique charm to your camping mornings.

In the field of camp coffee, the best way is the one that suits your preferences, group size, and the overall camping experience. So, pack your essentials, embrace the adventure, and savor the joy of a perfectly brewed cup amid the beauty of nature. Camping might mean sacrificing some luxuries, but your morning coffee doesn’t have to be one of them.


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