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10 Jobs that Graduates of Business Analytics Can Apply To

jobs in business analytics

Deciding on the right degree isn’t just about what you like; it’s also about thinking ahead to your future career. With so many degrees to choose from, one that really stands out in today’s data-focused world is a business analytics degree. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what a business analytics degree involves, how hard it is, what job opportunities it offers, and the different careers you can pursue with it.

What is a business analytics degree?

A business analytics degree is a dynamic program that teaches people how to analyze data effectively. It combines statistics, math, and business strategy to help students understand complex data and use it to make important decisions for companies. After finishing the degree, students can interpret complicated datasets and turn them into useful insights that help shape business strategies. As more companies rely on data, there’s a growing demand for experts in business analytics.

This program focuses on using analytical methods to solve real-world business problems. Students learn about statistical models, quantitative analysis, and interpreting data to find patterns and trends. They also gain a strategic perspective, so they can make informed decisions based on data. In short, a business analytics degree teaches people how to turn raw data into valuable business outcomes.

Is it a difficult course to graduate from?

While pursuing a business analytics degree comes with its challenges, it’s a rewarding journey for those passionate about data analysis and decision-making. The program requires a mix of analytical thinking, math skills, and business understanding. Students learn about statistical models, machine learning, and applying insights to real-world situations. To succeed, you need a genuine interest in data and a willingness to explore statistical analysis. Collaborative learning and hands-on projects provide a well-rounded education, preparing students for the complexities of the field. Though the program’s difficulty level varies, it’s designed to help students develop valuable skills.

What’s the job outlook for graduates of this degree?

Graduates with a business analytics degree have bright job prospects in today’s data-driven business world. Companies rely on data to make important decisions, so there’s a growing demand for professionals with skills in business analytics. Reports show that this demand is increasing across different industries, creating many job opportunities for graduates.

Business analytics experts are needed in finance, healthcare, technology, marketing, and more. With their versatile skills, graduates can find jobs in almost any industry where data analysis and decision-making are crucial. The job market offers positions at various levels, from entry-level roles to leadership positions, giving graduates plenty of career options to choose from.

10 Jobs You Can Apply to with a Business Analytics Degree:

1. Business Analyst

  • Identify improvement areas, remove inefficiencies, and make data-driven recommendations.
  • Average Salary: $93,000

2. Operations Research Analyst

  • Use mathematics to solve business problems, analyze data, and support decision-making.
  • Average Salary: $82,360

3. Market Research Analyst

  • Study consumer behavior, analyze market trends, and assist businesses in making informed decisions.
  • Average Salary: $63,920

4. Computer Systems Analyst

  • Assess and improve a company’s computer systems for enhanced functionality.
  • Average Salary: $99,270

5. Data Scientist

  • Gather, analyze, and extract insights from large data sets using machine learning.
  • Average Salary: $100,910

6. Business Intelligence Developer

  • Design and develop reports, dashboards, and tools for informed decision-making.
  • Average Salary: $110,000

7. Data Engineer

  • Design, build, and maintain systems for managing and processing enterprise data.
  • Average Salary: $110,000

8. Data Science Analyst

  • Create and test machine learning models for predicting future outcomes based on past data.
  • Average Salary: $105,000

9. Data Visualization Analyst

  • Create meaningful visual representations of data for performance tracking and decision-making.
  • Average Salary: $78,000

10. Business Analytics Consultant

  • Provide expert advice on using data analytics to solve business challenges and optimize processes.
  • Average Salary: Variable, depending on experience and clientele.


You have plenty of job options with a business analytics degree

A business analytics degree offers numerous career opportunities across various sectors. Graduates gain valuable skills applicable in fields like business analysis and data science. The versatility of this degree prepares individuals to address challenges in today’s business world. If you enjoy interpreting data and desire a career blending analytics with business strategy, pursuing a business analytics degree is a rewarding choice.


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