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The Many Benefits of Live Aquarium Plants


Having an aquarium at home is like having a tiny underwater world that’s both lively and calming. People of all ages love watching the fish swim gracefully in the water. Plus, science says having an aquarium can reduce stress. Now, when you’re planning your home aquarium, you might wonder if you should use real plants or fake ones. Fake plants might seem simpler, but real ones have more advantages, even though they might need a bit more effort to set up. That said, let’s find out the many benefits of choosing live plants in an aquarium over fake ones.

The Benefits Of Live Aquarium Plants

If you want to place plants in your fish tank, below are some essential benefits of putting live plants in it that will keep your aquarium looking fresh and alive.

Healthy fish

Using real plants in the aquarium is good for the fish. They make the aquarium feel more like the fish’s natural home. The plants give the fish places to hide and make their own space. This can stop them from fighting and feeling stressed.

Supports a natural diet

The plants in the aquarium can also be food for the fish. It’s like giving them their natural meal, which keeps them healthy. And don’t be concerned about the plants looking less pretty. When they’re healthy, they keep growing, even if the fish eat some parts.

Added filtration

Having live plants helps keep the aquarium clean, as it helps both the fish and the person taking care of the tank. The plants act like a filter, cleaning up the water by getting rid of stuff like carbon dioxide, ammonia, and fish waste. But remember, they’re not a replacement for regular filters. Still, having plants can really make the water better for the fish. This means healthier fish and less effort to keep the water clean.


Real plants in the aquarium do more than just clean the water. They also help put oxygen into the water. The plants naturally make oxygen and let it out into the water. This oxygen made by plants is better than what bubble machines do because it spreads throughout the water, not just at the top. Bubble machines only make more bubbles and stir up the water, which only adds oxygen to the surface.


Having real plants in the aquarium makes it look prettier right away. They make the underwater world look more colorful and alive. Plus, fish are usually more lively and move around when there are real plants, which makes the aquarium even more beautiful to look at.

Reduces Algae

Besides cleaning and adding oxygen, real plants also keep the aquarium healthy by stopping too much algae from growing. Algae and plants both need the same stuff to grow. When the plants are healthy, they use up a lot of those things, which leaves less room for algae to grow. The plants might not totally stop algae, but having less of it means less time cleaning the tank and more time enjoying it!

Best Plants to Keep in an Aquarium

If you want to add some plants but don’t know where to start, below is a list to help you out:

  • Sagittaria: These plants have long, narrow leaves that look like little arrows. They can add a touch of green to your tank.
  • Hairgrass: As the name suggests, hairgrass has thin, grass-like leaves that sway gently in the water. It’s a great choice for adding a natural look to your aquarium.
  • Micranthemum Monte Carlo: This plant has small, round leaves that grow close to the ground. It forms a dense carpet, which can create a lush, green landscape in your tank.
  • Lucens: Lucens is a type of aquatic moss that grows in clumps. It can add texture and depth to your aquarium, giving it a more natural feel.
  • Temple: Temple plants have vibrant red or purple leaves that stand out in any aquarium. They can add a pop of color to your underwater world.
  • Jungle Vallisneria: These plants have long, ribbon-like leaves that can reach impressive lengths. They create a dense, jungle-like appearance in your tank, providing shelter for fish and other creatures.
  • Subulata (Narrowleaf): Narrowleaf subulata is a type of grass-like plant with thin, pointed leaves. It’s perfect for creating a meadow-like environment in your aquarium.
  • Dwarf Baby Tears: These tiny plants have delicate, bright green leaves that grow close together. They form a lush carpet on the bottom of your tank, creating a beautiful and natural-looking landscape.
  • Rotala: Rotala plants have slender stems and delicate leaves that can range in color from green to red. They add vertical interest to your aquarium and can create a stunning visual display.

Adding a variety of these plants to your aquarium can create a beautiful and vibrant underwater ecosystem for your fish to enjoy.

Don’t Hesitate to Add Live Plants In Your Aquarium

So, if you want your aquarium to be a happy, healthy home for your fish, consider adding some live plants. They not only make your tank look beautiful but also help your fish feel more at home and reduce the hassle of cleaning. Plus, they provide natural oxygen and food for your fish, while keeping algae under control. With all these benefits, why not give live plants a try? Your fish will thank you for it!


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