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Looking at the Different Price Range for Naming A Star

how much does it cost to buy a star

The idea of owning a piece of the immense celestial expanse is enticing to those who are interested in the universe, and the night sky has long inspired awe. Can you buy a star? How does the process work, and is the name you choose officially recognized? Delving into these celestial questions, we unravel the cosmic mysteries surrounding the cost of naming a star.

Can you buy a star?

The allure of the night sky has prompted many to consider purchasing a star, a gesture that seems straight out of a romantic tale. In reality, buying a star involves navigating through commercial services that offer individuals the chance to symbolically own a celestial entity. But the question remains: Can you truly buy a star, and if so, how does this cosmic transaction unfold?

How does buying a star work?

The process of buying a star is both intriguing and straightforward. First, you must decide on the type of star you wish to name. Whether it’s a standard star, a binary system, or one nestled within a specific constellation, the choice is yours. Once you’ve made this celestial decision, the next step involves selecting a seller, typically a commercial company specializing in star-naming services.

These companies provide a range of packages, catering to various preferences and budgets. The packages often include a certificate and tangible documentation of your purchase. This certificate serves as a symbolic representation of the named star, capturing the essence of this celestial connection. Additional items, such as star maps or charts, often accompany the certificate, enhancing the overall experience.

Will it be the official name of the star?

While the certificate and symbolic ownership contribute to the sentimental value of the gesture, it’s crucial to acknowledge a fundamental aspect. The name you choose for your star, despite its significance, holds no official recognition from astronomical or scientific institutions. The International Astronomical Union (IAU), the foremost authority on celestial nomenclature, does not endorse or acknowledge names assigned through commercial naming services. As a result, the name of your star won’t find a place in any official astronomical records.

How much does naming a star cost?

The celestial marketplace, where stars become personalized tokens of affection, boasts a diverse array of pricing structures. Understanding the cost intricacies across different companies is essential for those contemplating this unique cosmic gesture. 

Standard Star packages

For a basic star-naming package, encompassing a standard star and fundamental documentation, the entry-level price typically begins at around $50. Providers like, Online Star Register, and Star Name Registry fall within this range, offering a celestial entry point for individuals seeking a modest yet meaningful connection to the night sky.

Mid-Range Celestial offerings

As we ascend the celestial pricing tiers, the mid-range packages, priced between $50 and $100, introduce additional elements to enhance the star-naming experience. Star Naming, Online Star Register, and Star Name Registry offer packages within this range, often incorporating extras like personalized star certificates, star cards, and informative documents about the named star. 

Name a Star Live’s Celestial Spectrum

Name a Star Live emerges as a noteworthy contender, providing a pricing spectrum spanning from $19.95 to over $100. This celestial spectrum caters to diverse budgets while ensuring that each package includes a unique touch—your star’s name and a special dedication message launched into space on a real mission.

Enhanced brightness and additional gifts

For those seeking a brighter celestial gem or desiring supplementary gifts, the price trajectory takes an upward turn. Stars with enhanced brightness, visible with the naked eye or binoculars, often command a higher price point. Packages from providers like and Online Star Register may exceed the $100 mark, offering a celestial experience that extends beyond a mere certificate.

Comparing options

A comprehensive comparison chart across different companies reveals the nuances of their offerings. The chart, based on the type of star, additional gifts, and brightness level, provides a holistic view of the celestial investment options available in the market.


Company Starting Price Mid-Range Package Enhanced Brightness Additional Gifts $50 $60 – $80 $100 and above Available
Online Star Register $50 $60 – $80 $100 and above Available
Star Name Registry  $50 $60 – $80 $100 and above Available
Name a Star Live $19.95 $60 – $100 $100 and above Available

Considerations and personal preferences

Ultimately, the cost of naming a star extends beyond its monetary value. It’s a personalized celestial journey, and individuals must weigh the offerings against their preferences and budget constraints. Whether opting for a standard star package or indulging in a more elaborate celestial experience, the pricing chart serves as a guide through the celestial expanse, helping enthusiasts make an informed and celestial investment in the night sky.

Can you make the name of a star official?

The desire to grant official recognition to the name of a star introduces a different dimension to the celestial narrative. Officially naming a celestial body involves a more rigorous process and is typically reserved for significant astronomical discoveries. Unfortunately, the names chosen by profit-driven star-naming companies don’t adhere to the IAU’s official acknowledgment guidelines.

How much would it cost?

If official recognition is the aspiration, the cost and effort involved will take a substantial leap. Astronomical discoveries leading to official names are often intertwined with research, exploration, and substantial contributions to our understanding of the cosmos. This intricate process demands in-depth study, detailed documentation, and formal submission to the IAU for consideration. However, it’s crucial to recognize that this path stands distinct from the offerings of commercial star-naming services, aligning more with scientific endeavors than personal gestures.

Can someone else name my star?

While the act of gifting a star is a heartwarming endeavor, it’s crucial to address the potential risks associated with celestial custodianship. When it comes to commercial star naming, once a star is officially registered and named, the likelihood of someone else renaming the same star is minimal. The process involves a unique registration entry, and the named star is cataloged in the provider’s star registry. 

Guardianship through registration

The registration process acts as a form of guardianship for the named star. Once a star is officially registered, the celestial moniker becomes a part of the provider’s star registry, creating a distinctive celestial identity. This ensures that the chosen name remains associated with the specific star, guarding against the risk of unauthorized renaming by others.

Choosing reputable providers

To further mitigate any concerns regarding the potential for renaming, individuals should opt for reputable and established star-naming providers. Companies with a robust registration process and a commitment to preserving the unique names assigned to stars offer an additional layer of security.

Yes you can pay to name a star

While you can indeed pay to name a star through commercial services, the name won’t hold official status. It’s a symbolic and sentimental gesture rather than a scientifically recognized designation. The price range for naming a star varies based on factors like the type of star, brightness, and additional gifts. Whether you choose to gift a piece of the cosmos as a symbolic expression of love or embark on a scientific journey to officially name a celestial body, the enchantment of the night sky remains a timeless source of inspiration. with a business venture like renting out your motorhome.


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