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Exploring the Flavors of European Drinks


When you travel, one of the most delightful experiences is indulging in the local cuisine. And it’s not limited to just food! Europe offers a wide array of delectable European drinks that are sure to excite your taste buds.

Immerse yourself in sophistication as you savor a glass of the finest champagne from The Ardennes or treat yourself to a roadside espresso in Rome. The decision is entirely up to you, allowing you to tailor your beverage choices to your preferences. Whether you enjoy a weekend drink or abstain from alcohol altogether, this selection of European drinks has something to cater to your taste.

Unmissable Drinks in Europe

Below are some of the most popular drinks you should try while in Europe;


Top o’ the morning to you! When you envision the renowned European drink that Ireland has in store, I bet the first one that comes to mind is Guinness. This smooth and velvety dry stout has gained international fame, being enjoyed in over 120 countries.

Here’s a fascinating tidbit for you! According to the Guardian, a staggering 162,719 pints of Guinness get lost in people’s beards every year. Mind you, this research was conducted back in the year 2000, and with the rise of hipsters and their luscious facial hair, one can only imagine the even greater amount of good booze going to waste these days!


When you visit Spain or Portugal, indulging in a shared jug of Sangria becomes a quintessential experience. It’s one of the most iconic European cocktails that’s essentially a delightful concoction of red wine, fruit pieces, and other spirits. Despite its vibrant appearance and tantalizing flavor, it packs quite a punch, capable of taking you from sobriety to merriment in no time!

It’s worth noting that Sangria recipes vary greatly across the region. The Sangria you savor in Madrid will differ significantly from the one served to you in Barcelona. Interestingly, Sangria holds a protected status under European legislation, which means that only beverages meeting specific criteria can bear the name Sangria. Hence, only Sangria crafted in Spain or Portugal can rightfully claim its cherished title. So, be sure to relish an authentic Sangria experience during your visit!

Poppy Seed Milk

You may be familiar with almond or soy milk, but have you ever come across poppy seed milk? This unique non-alcoholic beverage hails from Lithuania and enjoys immense popularity throughout the country. While it can be used as a dairy milk substitute on occasion, it is primarily savored as a dessert.

In Lithuanian festive traditions, poppy seed milk holds a special place, often enjoyed alongside Christmas cakes called Kūčiukai, particularly on Christmas Eve. It adds a significant touch to the celebrations. However, it’s important to note that poppy seeds, despite their potential benefits for sleep quality, can lead to false positives for opiates in drug tests. If you undergo regular drug testing for employment purposes, it’s advisable to steer clear of this drink.

Scotch Whisky

In Scotland, you have the opportunity to explore a wide array of beverages, but none holds as much fame as whisky. The world of Scotch whisky follows a strict set of regulations dictating its production and maturation, including the specific location and duration of the process.

While some may take a sip of this European liquor and make a disapproving face, it remains an incredibly popular spirit cherished by people across the globe. However, it’s worth noting that whisky purists generally frown upon mixing this distinguished drink with additives like coke. In fact, diluting Scotland’s finest whisky with anything other than water is considered a serious matter – especially when in the presence of a proud Scotsman! So, approach the whisky experience with reverence and savor its unique flavors in their purest form.


When you explore Europe, you’ll discover that beer reigns as the most beloved alcoholic beverage, and it’s not difficult to understand why. It holds a special place in the social fabric of the continent, bringing people together in various settings, whether it’s lounging at a bar, cheering for their favorite soccer team on a big screen, or dancing the night away in a techno club.

Europe boasts an impressive range of beer varieties, catering to diverse preferences. From the Trappist beers meticulously brewed by OCSO monks to refreshing pale lagers and the thriving craft beer scene, there’s something to suit every taste. Many renowned beer brands have strong associations with specific European countries. For example, Portugal boasts Super Bock, Scotland takes pride in Brewdog, Belgium is renowned for Leffe, and the Netherlands is home to the famous Heineken. In fact, if you find yourself in Amsterdam, make sure not to miss the dedicated Heineken Museum, a must-visit among Europe’s coolest museums!


Attention, aniseed enthusiasts! If you appreciate the distinct flavor of anise, then it’s time to celebrate. Greece and Cyprus proudly present ouzo, a captivating liquor crafted from anise and rectified spirits. Resembling Sambuca in taste, ouzo often incorporates an array of delightful accents like mastic, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon, to name just a few.

Considered Greece’s national drink, ouzo frequently graces the apéritif scene. Its purpose is to cleanse your palate, preparing it for the delightful journey through Greek cuisine. To savor ouzo like a true local, add a small amount of the provided water to your shot. This transformation turns the liquid into a milky-white hue and enhances its flavor profile. While the water can help prevent dehydration, we can’t make any promises regarding potential hangovers. Proceed with caution and drink responsibly!

Which of the European Drinks are You Willing to Try?

Each sip tells a story, allowing you to not only taste the flavors but also delve into the cultural heritage and traditions of each drink. So, whether you’re a connoisseur or simply curious to explore, let the drinks of Europe tantalize your taste buds and create unforgettable memories along your journey. Cheers to the extraordinary world of European beverages!


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