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Top Touring Bikes for Long Distance Rides


Choosing the right bike for your long distance bicycle touring adventure can feel overwhelming, but it all starts with understanding what type of terrain you’ll be riding on most. Whether it’s a leisurely ride or an expedition, the type of bike you need varies greatly. Consider your budget, the terrain you’ll be tackling, and whether you’ll also use the bike for daily commuting. Finding the perfect bike is about matching your needs with the features that will help you achieve your goals. That said, below is a short guide to help you understand what the best touring bikes have to offer and how to choose the most suitable one for you!

The Best Tour Bikes

When you check out bikes for touring, you’ll see there’s no single best type. Road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrids are common, but there are special touring bikes too. These bikes are tough, comfy, and steady, perfect for carrying gear over long distances. If you plan to tour often, one of these bikes could be just right for you.

Cube Touring

The Cube Touring, an entry-level touring bike from German maker Cube, stands out for its affordability and practical design. Unlike British or American tourers, it features flat handlebars, an adjustable stem, and a front suspension fork for a comfortable upright riding position, typical of German and Dutch bikes prioritizing utility and comfort. Available in various frame styles and sizes, including classic diamond, women’s specific, and step-through, the Touring caters to diverse riders.

While its unconventional rear rack and limited luggage-mounting options may deter some, its solid Shimano components and included features like lights and fenders make it a great value choice for those seeking an affordable touring option.

Decathlon Riverside Touring 520

Decathlon’s Riverside Touring 520 offers a budget-friendly option for those seeking a touring bike. With its aluminum frame and versatile mounting points for luggage, it suits various travel needs. The bike’s relaxed riding position, wide tires, and accessible design make it beginner-friendly. While its 1×11 drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes may raise eyebrows among traditionalists, customer reviews suggest they’re reliable. Available for test rides at Decathlon stores worldwide, it’s a convenient choice for new tourers, although limited frame sizes may not suit everyone. Overall, it’s a solid option with room for upgrades at an affordable price.

Ridgeback Expedition

The Ridgeback Expedition, introduced in 2014 and refined over time, is a top choice for expedition touring bikes. With its sturdy design and tested performance, it offers excellent value for adventurous riders. Featuring wide-range mountain bike gearing, 26-inch wheels, and a comfortable upright riding position, it’s built for demanding trips. Equipped with flat bars and cable disc brakes, it prioritizes comfort and control. Plus, it includes integrated grips and bar-ends for added convenience. Upgradeable for even more rugged adventures, it’s a reliable option for exploring remote backroads.

Surly Disc Trucker

In 2012, Surly introduced the Disc Trucker, a specialized version of their renowned Long Haul Trucker touring bike, tailored for disc brakes. Over time, it has become one of the most versatile and trusted bikes for touring and adventure worldwide. In 2020, Surly revamped the Disc Trucker, offering a range of frame sizes with matching wheel diameters for better fit. The updated design features integrated gear/brake levers for a sportier feel and improved performance.

With bolt-through axles, wider tire clearance, and multiple fork mounts, it’s suited for diverse terrain. While Surly doesn’t include racks and mudguards, you can customize the bike to your needs. Available in bold fluoro-yellow or hi-viz black, the Disc Trucker offers options for every rider.

Fuji Touring LTD/Disc LTD

Fuji offers two entry-level touring bikes: the Touring LTD and Disc LTD. The Touring LTD has flat bars and rim brakes, while the Disc LTD features drop bars and cable-actuated disc brakes. Both bikes have Reynolds 520 chromoly steel frames with classic touring geometry and mounting points for accessories. They come with 36-spoke 700C wheels, mudguards, and a rear rack, but no front rack.

The Touring LTD has Shimano Alivio V-brakes and a 3×9-speed chainset, while the Disc LTD has Shimano Sora components and TRP Spyre disc brakes. The Disc LTD also includes a dynamo hub and integrated front headlight. With seven frame sizes available, these bikes offer a precise fit for riders of all heights. Overall, they provide a great value for those seeking a no-fuss touring bike, with the Disc LTD being more geared towards road riding.

Ridgeback Panorama

The Ridgeback Panorama is a sturdy British touring bike made from Reynolds 725 chromoly steel, equipped with disc brakes and a reliable 3×9-speed drivetrain. Its road-focused design is perfect for long journeys on paved roads, with standard front and rear racks for carrying gear. However, its integrated shifters/brake levers and wheelset components may have some drawbacks, but it’s a tried-and-tested option for adventurous riders, as evidenced by Tim & Laura’s 6,000-mile road test and round-the-world trip on the same bikes.

Kona Sutra

Kona, a Canadian bike brand known for its unconventional approach, introduced the Sutra range with disc brakes in the early 2010s. Over time, they’ve enhanced the design with stiffer bolt-through axles and refined frame geometry for a nimble yet sturdy steel frame. In 2022, Kona expanded the Sutra lineup to include models like the LTD and SE. The standard Sutra now features a road drivetrain and cable-actuated hydraulic disc brakes, catering to performance-oriented riders seeking a modern take on classic touring bikes.

With Shimano GRX 2×10-speed gearing, drop bars, and mixed-terrain tires, it’s designed for both on-road and off-road adventures. Its versatile luggage-carrying capabilities make it suitable for fully-loaded tours or nimble rides. Available in six frame sizes, this year’s Sutra comes in Satin Midnight with bronze gloss decals.

Choose the Best Touring Bicycle from Our List

Ready to embark on your cycling adventure? Explore a range of touring bikes tailored to suit your needs, from affordable entry-level options to sturdy expedition-ready rides. Consider factors like terrain, budget, and desired features to find the perfect bike for your journey. Whether you’re planning a leisurely ride or an epic expedition, these bikes offer comfort, reliability, and versatility to make your cycling experience unforgettable. So, dive into the world of touring bikes and start planning your next adventure today!


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