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Better Task Management for VAs: Top 14 Tools & Software

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Virtual assistant software simplifies these tasks, letting you automate processes and save time, making it a valuable asset for executives and entrepreneurs seeking enhanced productivity. But, because there are so many choices, picking the best tool might feel overwhelming. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the best task management tools for virtual assistants in this blog. These tools cater to project management, scheduling, file storage, and meeting facilitation, offering guidance on selecting the most suitable ones for your business needs.


Top Virtual Assistant Tools to Consider

Discover the top virtual assistant tools to streamline your work-from-home operations and boost productivity:



Virtual Assistants (VAs) need to talk to clients often, and they use a tool called Slack for this. It’s a team communication tool where you can make different chat groups, share files, message, make video calls, and more. The basic version of Slack is free, but for more advanced options, you can choose either the Pro or Business versions, which cost $6.67 per month and $12.5 per month, respectively.


Zoom is great software for virtual assistants to do video calls. You can have online meetings, record videos, and even show them live. Zoom keeps your meetings secure by using features such as waiting rooms and authentication. It’s been a big help for people working from home. The free version has restrictions, but if you want everything, you can buy the Business plan for $19.99 each month.


QuickBooks is top-notch for bookkeeping services, helping with all your basic bookkeeping needs. It does things like making invoices and keep track of spending, which is super useful for small and midsize businesses. Plus, it’s safe because it’s in the cloud. Prices start at $25 a month and go up to $180 a month for extra cool stuff.


Wave is a fantastic financial tool for entrepreneurs, offering all the essential bookkeeping features like tracking income, expenses, and creating invoices. It’s easy to link to your bank account, and it even has an app for scanning receipts. What’s great is that Wave is totally free to use, but if you want to use the Payroll feature, it costs $30 plus $6 for each employee.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a handy productivity tool for virtual assistants used for tracking billable hours, analyzing work, and generating billing reports. It provides productivity insights and is perfect for remote work. You can try it for free for 14 days, and after that, it costs $5.9 per user each month. It includes unlimited projects, basic reports, and unlimited screenshots.


Harvest is a time tracking tool with great features like tracking time across projects and teams, invoicing, and payments. It offers reports for business insights and integrates with other tools. The basic plan is free for 1 user and 1 project, while the pro plan with unlimited users and projects costs $10.80 per month per user.


Calendly is a great tool for scheduling appointments. It’s easy to use—just send a link to your contacts, and it handles reminders. You can also collect payments with it. The basic version is free, while the Essentials plan costs $8 per month per user, and the Pro plan costs $12 per month per user.


LatePoint is a user-friendly WordPress booking plugin that makes scheduling easy with customizable forms, real-time availability, and automated reminders. It works nicely with other tools and gives you detailed data analysis. The Pro version begins at $49 a year for one website, and there are options up to $530 a year for 10 websites.


Trello is a powerful and flexible project management and productivity tool for virtual assistants, perfect for any size project. It offers features like automation, app integration, and to-do lists. Trello is free for individuals and teams, but for handling multiple projects and advanced features, the premium plan costs $10 per user per month.


Basecamp is easy-to-use project management software for teams, featuring a powerful dashboard, to-do lists, scheduling, file sharing, and messaging. It’s one of those tools for a virtual assistant that offers a 30-day free trial. Teams of a few people or freelancers can go for the basic plan at $15 per month per user. Bigger companies can choose the Pro plan for $299 a month, and they can use it as much as they need.


It’s simple to handle passwords with LastPass, a tool that keeps all your passwords safe in one spot. Just add it to your browser, and it will store and fill in your usernames and passwords for websites automatically. LastPass is free, but you can get advanced features with the premium plan for $3 per month.


Dashlane saves all your passwords, making it easy to manage them across different devices and autofill forms. There are two options: the Team plan costs $5 per person each month and is for small teams, while the Business plan costs $8 per person each month and is for bigger businesses.


Dropbox is a well-liked tool for storing files online and sharing them with others. You can save files, work together with others, keep track of different versions, and leave comments on changes. It’s free if you’re using it alone, but if you’re part of a team, the price starts at $19.99 per month and can go up to $25 per person each month.


Hootsuite is a handy tool for managing social media, allowing you to schedule posts, respond to messages, and manage ads. The Professional plan for one user costs $49 per month, while the Team plan for three users costs $129 per month.

Learn How To Streamline Your Virtual Assistant Tasks

Enhance productivity with a comprehensive selection of tools catering to communication, time management, bookkeeping, social media management, and more. No matter if you run a small business, work independently, or are part of a big group, these tools can help make your work easier and get better outcomes. Explore the options provided, from project management and scheduling to file storage and password management, and find the perfect fit for your unique business needs.


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