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Snow Removal: Who’s Responsible Between the Tenant and Landlord?

landlord snow removal responsibilities

Who is responsible for snow removal at a rental property? It’s a question people renting homes often wonder when winter comes. Tenants and landlords both want to know who’s supposed to clear away the snow. Some factors need to be considered before this question is answered.

Who should remove snow on a rental property?

Deciding who should clear snow at a rental home is super important for keeping everyone safe in winter. It usually depends on what the lease says. Normally, landlords are in charge of clearing snow from shared areas like paths, driveways, and parking lots. They have to do this to make sure the place stays safe for tenants.

Are tenants supposed to clear snow?

Even though landlords usually handle snow clearing, sometimes the lease says tenants have to do it. In these cases, tenants might need to shovel snow from specific spots, like their parking spot or front porch. Tenants should read their lease carefully to know what they’re responsible for. If they don’t do what the lease says, they might get in trouble with the landlord.

Is it the landlord’s job to clear snow?

Landlords have to make sure the rental property is safe for tenants, including during winter. While landlords usually handle snow removal, it can change depending on what the lease says. If the lease says tenants have to do it, the landlord might not be responsible if someone gets hurt because of snow or ice.

What landlords need to do for snow removal

Landlords have a big role in keeping tenants safe, especially in winter. They have to clear snow and ice from common areas quickly to avoid accidents. If they don’t, someone who gets hurt might sue them. So, landlords need to make sure snow removal is part of their job.

Snow clearing in apartments

In apartment buildings, landlords or property managers usually clear snow from common areas like paths and parking lots. But tenants might need to clear snow from their own doorways or parking spots. Everyone needs to talk and understand who’s supposed to do what.

Snow removal clauses for tenants

Lease agreements might have rules about snow removal for tenants. These rules should follow the law and be easy to understand. Tenants should read them carefully to know what they need to do. If they’re not sure, they should ask the landlord or property manager for help.

Deciding who’s responsible for snow removal at a rental property is important for keeping everyone safe and happy during winter. While landlords usually take care of it, sometimes tenants have to pitch in. Clear rules and good communication between landlords and tenants make sure everyone knows what to do.

Are there laws regarding snow removal?

Snow removal laws can be different depending on where you live, and landlords and tenants need to know what they have to do legally. While some places might not have specific rules just for snow removal at rental places, there are usually general laws about keeping properties safe and in good shape.

For instance, in some places, there might be rules saying that property owners, like landlords, have to make sure sidewalks and other public areas near their places are free of snow and ice. These rules might say how quickly snow has to be cleared after it falls, and they might even have fines for not following the rules.

In cities like Chicago, fines for not clearing snow can be anywhere from $50 to $500 for each case where snow isn’t cleared. In Boston, fines might be from $50 to $200 for each day snow isn’t removed. In New York City, snow has to be cleared from sidewalks within 4 hours after it stops snowing in certain situations.

And the rules about who’s responsible for clearing snow can change depending on where you are. In places like Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, it’s usually the property owner’s job to clear snow and ice. But in Ohio and Illinois, it might be up to the renter. But remember, local rules in places like Chicago can be different from state rules, and might say everyone has to help clear snow, regardless of what state laws say.

These examples show why it’s important for landlords and tenants to know and follow the rules about snow removal in their area. They should learn about any laws or rules that apply to them, and make sure they keep their property safe by clearing snow and ice when needed.

Penalties and potential issues

If landlords or tenants don’t clear snow like they’re supposed to, it can cause big problems. Along with possible fines, other serious issues can pop up if snow isn’t removed quickly from rental places.

Landlords who don’t do their part in clearing snow might get in trouble with their tenants. If someone slips and gets hurt because of icy paths, they could sue the landlord. These slip-and-fall accidents can end up costing a lot of money and make the landlord look bad.

Not only that, but landlords might also have to pay fines or penalties from the local government for not keeping their property safe. These fines can be different depending on where you are and how bad the problem is, but they can hurt the landlord’s wallet and reputation.

Likewise, tenants who don’t do their share of snow clearing might face consequences too. They could get fined by the landlord or even get kicked out of their place if they keep breaking the rules. Plus, if someone gets hurt because of snow or ice that the tenant didn’t clear, the tenant might have to take the blame and pay for any damages.

On top of all that, not getting rid of snow quickly can make things dangerous and inconvenient for everyone living in the rental place. Snow and ice make it easy for people to slip and fall, especially older folks or people with disabilities. If snow blocks the way to important spots like doors or driveways, it can be annoying for tenants.

So, it’s super important for both landlords and tenants to know what they’re supposed to do about snow removal. They need to communicate well and work together to keep the rental property safe and comfy during the winter months.


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