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Permanent Eyeliner Pros and Cons – Everything Else You Should Know


Do you know that you can get eyeliner tattoos that last a long time? It’s like getting a tattoo on your body, but for your eyelids. This makes it seem like you’re always wearing eyeliner, which is great if you enjoy that look but don’t want to apply it every day. However, it’s best to know the permanent eyeliner pros and cons before you do anything else!

Getting a tattoo on your face isn’t something to rush into. It’s a big decision and can cost a fair amount – usually about $550 for permanent eyeliner tattoos. So, before you go ahead and make an appointment, make sure you think carefully about the eyeliner tattoo pros and cons.

What are the Differences Between Permanent and Semi-Permanent Eyeliner?

Even though it’s called “permanent” eyeliner, it’s really kind of “semi-permanent”? Here’s why:

The ink used for permanent makeup eyeliner has bigger particles compared to tattoo ink. Your body breaks down and absorbs this ink over time. That’s why you might need touch-ups for your eyeliner tattoos.
The ink from permanent makeup tattoos doesn’t go as deep into your skin as the ink for body tattoos.
Regular tattoo ink sticks around forever because it can’t be broken down.

How Long Does It Last?

Did you know that the eyeliner tattoos you get might stick around for about a year, and sometimes even up to three years? But here’s the thing: the color fades over time because your skin cells keep renewing themselves, and your body breaks down the ink used in these makeup tattoos.

Your age, how your body works, the kind of skin you have (thicker skin tends to fade the color quicker), and how you live your life (like being out in the sun) can also change how long the color stays vibrant.

Several Eyeliner Tattooing Pros and Cons

Below are some advantages and disadvantages to permanent eyeliner tattoos everyone should know about;

The Benefits

It’s a Long-Lasting Solution

Imagine having makeup that stays on forever! The colors are put into your skin, not just on top, so they won’t smudge or come off, not even when you go swimming. Say goodbye to those smudged panda eyes! The colors do fade over time, but that won’t happen for a good while after you get them.

Aids People with Physical Limitations

Have you ever thought about folks who might have a hard time putting on makeup because of their body’s limits? Some people deal with conditions like cataracts, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, or even after having a stroke, which makes it tough to do makeup. But here’s something cool: permanent eyeliner tattoos can be a big help. They let you enjoy makeup without the struggle of putting it on yourself.

Come in Many Styles

Did you know the special PMU eyeliner technique is really flexible? It can copy whatever you usually do with your regular makeup. For example, there’s a gentle style called eyelash enhancement. This one makes your lash line look darker and your lashes seem thicker.

Then, there are lots of classic eyeliner looks. You can draw a thin line anywhere on your eyelid, and then pull it out into a bit of a wing – you decide how long and curvy. But the coolest eyeliner style is the PMU shaded eyeliner. It’s like having a winged eyeliner that’s also a bit like eyeshadow. Some artists even call it “permanent eyeshadow” because it’s like having both eyeliner and eyeshadow in one.

The Drawbacks

Allergic Reactions

It’s possible that you might be allergic to the pigments in the ink or the type of ink itself. Here’s a tip: you can request a scratch test before the actual procedure. This test helps you find out if you’ll have any kind of reaction to the ink, so you can be prepared.

Pigment Migration

Sometimes, things don’t go perfectly with the way tattoos are done because of the technique used and the way our skin works, like if we have big pores or oily skin. The pigments used in PMU tattoos might “leak out” from where they were supposed to stay and make the borders blurry. Since the skin on our eyelids is quite thin, this can happen more with PMU eyeliner than with other kinds of permanent makeup.

Nodules or Scars

There are times when your eyes react negatively to the ink. It might create little lumps called nodules around the ink because it thinks the ink is something foreign. There’s another thing that can happen too, such as keloids. These are like scars that show up when your skin gets hurt or damaged in some way.

Painful or Uncomfortable Recovery

After your PMU eyeliner, the treatment is the same as when you get a normal tattoo. They use a numbing cream to make the area not hurt, so you won’t really feel any pain. However, imagine having a needle gently poke your eyelid skin for about an hour and a half – that might feel a bit weird. You might feel some pressure and a little pricking sensation. And even without the needles, having someone work on your eyes for that long can still be a bit uncomfortable.

Contaminated Needles

It’s important to know that because this procedure involves needles, there’s a tiny chance you could end up with an infection. Things like hepatitis, HIV, or staph might happen if the needles aren’t super clean. And if the ink they use somehow got contaminated, that could also lead to an infection. It’s good to be aware of these things to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Discover the Pros and Cons of a Permanent Eyeliner Before Making a Decision

Permanent eyeliner tattoos have their advantages, like saving time in the morning and helping those with physical limitations. They come in various styles, so you can choose what suits you best. However, there are drawbacks to consider too. Allergic reactions and the possibility of pigment migration can be issues, and the recovery process might not be the most comfortable due to the poking and pressure on your eyelids. So take your time, ask questions, and ensure you’re fully prepared before taking the plunge.


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