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Cartomancy: Predicting the Future Through Cards

cartomancy meanings

Have you ever heard of tarot cards? Maybe you’ve used oracle decks before. But did you know you can also do readings with regular playing cards? It’s called cartomancy, and anyone can try it. In this guide, we cover everything about cartomancy, like where it came from, what the cards mean, how to do readings, and more. Give it a shot!

What is cartomancy?

Cartomancy, a tradition stretching back centuries, was once a favorite game among European royals. As far back as 1360, people were practicing it, but it really became popular from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Like tarot cards, a card in a regular deck holds special meaning in cartomancy. When you ask the cards a question, pick one, and let your instincts take over. Trust your gut as you interpret what the card is saying to you.

What makes cartomancy different from tarot reading?

Tarot decks and regular card decks might seem alike, but they’re quite different. A tarot deck has 78 cards, more than the 52 cards in a regular deck, and it features different suits than your usual hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. Tarot cards often have a mystical vibe, which can be helpful for psychic or intuitive readings, while regular playing cards are more straightforward. 

This simplicity can give spiritual meaning to playing cards, which makes them great for beginners exploring divination and seeking clear guidance. While tarot cards have set meanings, many readers rely on their intuition to pick up on the energies of the person they’re reading for. Tarot cards dive deeper into stories, especially during extensive readings.

Cartomancy Reading Card Meanings

Curious about reading playing cards? Well, Nova says it’s simple: focus on the suits. Forget about the major arcana like in tarot; here, it’s all about hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds.

Here’s the meaning on each suit:

  • Spades: Get ready for some tough tasks or events ahead.
  • Hearts: It’s all about emotions, family, love, and relationships.
  • Clubs: Good vibes are on the way soon.
  • Diamonds: Keep an eye on your money and finances.

How to Make a Reading

  1. Clean and prepare your card deck: Ensure the cards are in good condition and free of dust or debris.
  2. Shuffle the cards: Thoroughly mix the deck to randomize the order.
  3. Lay out the cards: Arrange the cards face down on a flat surface.
  4. Ask your question: Clearly state your question or area of inquiry.
  5. Choose your spread:
    • One-card reading: For a simple, direct answer.
    • Three-card reading: Past, present, and future.
    • Nine-card spread: Deeper exploration of a situation.
    • Celtic Cross: A comprehensive overview of multiple aspects.
    • 21-card spread: The most detailed and in-depth reading.

Additional Notes:

  • Nova’s suggestion: You can start with a simple one-card reading and gradually explore more complex spreads.
  • Spread options: The choice of spread depends on your personal preference and the depth of information you seek.
  • Larger spreads: Nine-card, Celtic cross, and 21-card spreads offer more detailed insights but require greater experience and interpretation skills.

Once your cards are spread out, learn what each one means:


Ace: New connections or friendships.

2: Love and good vibes.

3: Watch out for tricky relationships.

4: Changes or trips ahead.

5: Jealousy alert!

6: Surprise crush!

7: Broken promises ahead.

8: Expect visitors or invites.

9: Make a wish!

10: Lucky times ahead.

Jack: A good pal or a young blondie.

Queen: A sweet blond lady.

King: A helpful blond guy.



Ace: Tough times or endings.

2: Hard choices and lies.

3: Love trouble or cheating.

4: Illness or letdowns.

5: Obstacles with a silver lining.

6: Things are getting better.

7: Bad advice or loss.

8: Danger zone—be careful!

9: Rough patch ahead.

10: Bad news, brace yourself.

Jack: Not-so-nice young person with black hair.

Queen: A dark-haired lady or widow.

King: Ambitious older man with dark hair.



Ace: Money matters looking good!

2: Gossip alert!

3: Wealthy partner or happy marriage.

4: Watch out for betrayal, maybe from a friend.

5: New pals coming your way.

6: Success and financial help.

7: Business boom but watch out for love troubles.

8: Tough times in both love and business.

9: New opportunities, but don’t be stubborn.

10: Money surprises or travel plans.

Jack: Dependable dark-haired friend.

Queen: Confident dark-haired lady.

King: Strong, older dark-haired dude.



Ace: Gifts or improvements on the way.

2: Relationship disapproval.

3: Legal or home arguments.

4: Cash surprises or inheritance.

5: Business success and happy home vibes.

6: Relationship bumps or second marriage issues.

7: Work challenges.

8: Late-life love or travel.

9: New biz chances or unexpected dough.

10: Financial luck is smiling on you.

Jack: Shady light-haired youngster.

Queen: Flirty light-haired lady.

King: Influential older gent with light hair.


Some Tips to Remember

Setting the scene

Before you dive into any ritual, it’s key to create a peaceful spot where you can think clearly and trust your gut. Keep things tidy, since stuff holds onto energy. Bring along some of your fave spiritual tools, like crystals, to keep you company during your session.

Say a prayer or a blessing

It’s a good idea to say a little prayer or blessing before you start reading the cards. Especially if you’re close to the person you’re reading for, you want to keep your own feelings out of it and stay focused on their vibes.

Work with the lunar cycle

When it comes to card readings, the new moon and full moon each bring their own vibes. If you’re thinking about new beginnings like starting a business, moving, or diving into a new relationship, the new moon is perfect for setting goals and making things happen. On the other hand, the full moon is all about wrapping up loose ends, letting go of the past, and moving forward with a fresh start.

Practice Cartomancy for Simple Card Reading

Curious about the magic of card reading? Discover the secrets of cartomancy and learn how to unlock the hidden messages within a simple deck of playing cards. This guide walks you through understanding the different suits, interpreting card spreads, and connecting with your intuition to gain deeper insights. So, grab your cards, find a quiet space, and let the cards reveal the answers you seek.


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