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Inspiring Children’s Books About Cooking to Keep Them Engaged


Is your child a fan of cooking? Do they enjoy baking on weekends? If you answered yes, they share a common interest with the characters in these stories. These children’s books about cooking are packed with cooking fun, and some even share recipes for you and your kids to experiment with! So, why wait? Let’s start cooking up some tasty treats!

Exceptional Books About Cooking for Kids

Cooking can be a delightful adventure for kids, and these preschool books about cooking offer a blend of exciting stories and yummy recipes to try together! In addition, our curated list of cooking books for kids will open their eyes as they explore what goes on inside the kitchen!

Pixie Piper and the Matter of the Batter by Annabelle Fisher

Pixie Piper and her close companion, Gray, embark on an adventure to Chuckling Goose Farm, a summer haven for the descendants of Mother Goose, honing their magical skills. Alongside newfound friends Rain and Pip, Pixie crafts whimsical baking rhymes, enjoys playful moments with her goose, Destiny, and delves into the secrets of baking magic wishing cakes.

Despite the apparent safety of the farm, Pixie’s discovery of a shard of glass belonging to her old adversary, Raveneece, raises concerns about the supposedly banished Sinister Sister. With a cast of characters spanning generations, a focus on family ties, a vivid portrayal of elementary school friendships, and an abundance of poetry, this fairy-tale retelling is a uniquely captivating experience.

Love Sugar Magic #1 and #2 by Anna Meriano

Love Sugar Magic #1 and #2 are awesome picture books about cooking. The story begins in the heart of Rose Hill, Texas, where the Logroño family operates the town’s most cherished bakery, crafting delectable cookies and cakes for every conceivable occasion. Among these, the annual Dia de los Muertos festival reigns supreme. Yearning for a chance to contribute to the grand celebration, Leo harbors hope that this might finally be her opportunity. Alas, the familiar refrain echoes—she’s deemed too young once again. Unwilling to accept this verdict, Leo takes matters into her own hands, sneaking out of school and venturing to the bakery.

To her astonishment, a clandestine revelation awaits Leo. Her mother, aunt, and four older sisters are not just skilled bakers; they are brujas, wielders of magical powers rooted in their Mexican heritage. Unbeknownst to the townsfolk, the Logroño women infuse a touch of enchantment into every batch they create. Leo, discovering her latent magical abilities, is now more resolute than ever to become an integral part of the family business. The journey towards embracing her magical destiny unfolds against the backdrop of flour-dusted countertops and the aroma of spellbound treats as Leo endeavors to weave her own magical legacy into the fabric of the beloved family bakery.

Summer of a Thousand Pies by Margaret Dilloway

Sent to live with an aunt she never knew existed, Cady Bennett embarks on an uncertain journey to the picturesque mountain town of Julian. Settling into her mother’s old room, she immerses herself in the charm of the countryside, surrounded by apple orchards and pie shops. Cady makes new friends, finding a sense of belonging in the quaint town, especially as she starts working at her Aunt Shell’s pie shop.

However, Cady’s newfound tranquility is shattered when she discovers that Aunt Shell’s business is on the verge of failure. Determined to save the struggling shop and preserve the haven she’s come to cherish, Cady realizes that it will take all she’s learned and the support of her newfound friends. As they rally together to confront the challenges, Cady wonders if there are some things, perhaps even beyond the magic of the perfect pie, that elude easy solutions.

Cora Cooks Pancit by Dorina Lazo Gilmore

An endearing tale, “Cora Cooks Pancit” unfolds the narrative of Cora and her mother embarking on a culinary adventure to prepare Cora’s beloved noodle dish. Collaborating in the kitchen, Cora relishes the opportunity to take on the grown-up responsibilities typically reserved for her older siblings’ presence. This enchanting story not only celebrates the richness of a family’s Filipino heritage but also captures the sheer delight of coming together to cook and share a

Pop Pop and Me and a Recipe by Irene Smalls

Experience the charm of a heartwarming tale that unfolds the delightful world of a boy and his grandpa bonding over the art of baking in this whimsical book. The simplicity and joyfulness of their shared moments permeate the narrative, creating a unique and enchanting story. To add to the excitement, the book concludes with an irresistible lemon bar cake recipe that has become the coveted choice of my own kids, sparking their eagerness to try their hand at baking.

Moreover, this enchanting book cleverly integrates expressive words such as sizzle, whoosh, plop, clack, and more, making it an ideal tool for introducing young readers to the concept of onomatopoeia. Beyond the culinary escapades, the book doubles as an engaging educational resource, providing a delightful and multisensory learning experience for children.

Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto

Set against the backdrop of Christmas, this engaging narrative unfolds a tale that transcends seasonal boundaries, making it a captivating read for any time of the year. Maria finds herself immersed in the festive tradition of preparing tamales for the Christmas dinner, only to discover that a precious item may have slipped away amidst the hustle and bustle. Fueled by determination and camaraderie, Maria and her cousins concoct a clever plan to recover the lost treasure. The unfolding events are a delightful journey of discovery and ingenuity, leaving readers eager to uncover the twists and turns that lie ahead in this heartwarming story.

Settle with the Top Children’s Books About Cooking

Ignite your child’s passion for cooking with these exceptional books about cooking for preschoolers that seamlessly blend exciting narratives with delicious recipes. From magical baking adventures to heartwarming tales of family and friendship, each book offers a unique culinary journey for your young reader. Let the joy of storytelling and the magic of cooking come together as you explore these enchanting stories and embark on your own kitchen adventures. Don’t miss the chance to create lasting memories and tasty treats with your little ones


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