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Best Travel Trailer Brands for On the Road Comfort and Performance


The most commonly used camper or RV is the travel trailer. And the best travel trailer brands depend on your preferences. For instance, you might have heard of famous ones like Airstream and Grand Design. However, it’s important to know which best-made travel trailers are worth your money and which brands to steer clear of. Having traveled across the country in our RV full-time, we have the inside scoop on the essential factors to consider when purchasing a travel trailer.

Best Travel Trailer and Camper Brands

Your decision boils down to personal taste and budget when choosing which travel trailers are of the best quality, whether you’re enticed by the timeless appeal of an Airstream, the resilience of an Oliver, or the cutting-edge technology offered by Jayco.

Airstream Flying Cloud

A few travel trailer brands bring up feelings of old times, quality, and adventures, like Airstream. For many years, this famous brand has been connected to the romance of going on open roads. The Airstream Flying Cloud travel trailers represent this heritage very well, which is why we think it’s the best travel trailer.

The Flying Cloud is designed for both new and experienced RVers. It combines old-fashioned charm with modern comforts, making it different from other RVs.

But it’s important to know that it’s not a cheap choice. It starts at $94,400. What first catches your eye is the unique design that matches the higher price. Its special aluminum shell not only turns heads at campsites but also makes it durable and lighter to tow. Many different vehicles can pull it, from big pickups to larger SUVs with enough power to tow it.

Lance Travel Trailers

Lance pays close attention to the little things, like using real wood for the entire cabinet so it doesn’t fall apart on your first road trip. You’ll appreciate this if you’ve been there.

Airstream usually avoids slide-outs on their trailers, but Lance is one of the few brands that reinforce them with strong construction. This means they won’t leak or get stuck after a year or two of regular use.

Lance Travel Trailers also come with features like an All-Weather Package for camping in all seasons, tough Goodyear radial tires, windows that keep the temperature steady, and a front window that opens up for stargazing. You can also get a solar package with 190-watt panels, a 1500W inverter, and lithium batteries.

Oliver Legacy Elite 2

The Oliver Legacy Elite 2 is the one I like the most, and it’s among their top-rated all-fiberglass campers. I have a few good reasons for liking it. First, it’s not too heavy, weighing just 4,600 pounds when it’s dry. You can tow it with a strong truck or a full-size SUV. But remember, 4,600 pounds is just the weight when it’s empty. When you tow it, you also need to think about the weight of your stuff inside.

The Legacy Elite 2 has two different floor plans. One has twin beds, and the other can turn a dinette into a 75″ x 79″ bed. This model comes with many standard features. If you’re looking for a new RV, Oliver Travel Trailers are a good choice. They offer a special mix of luxury, strong construction, smart design, custom options, and great customer service. These fiberglass trailers will be a dependable partner on your road trips.

Grand Design Reflection Series

Grand Design stands out as one of the fancy RV brands that somehow manages to keep luxury affordable.

Their travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers have layouts that work well for both couples and families. Grand Design keeps the inside of their RVs looking modern yet classic, with strong frames, cabinets, and furniture.

The Reflection series is great if you plan to stay in one place for a while because they are roomy, have lots of slide-outs, and come with features you’d find in a house, like a big fridge that only uses electricity. The Reflection 312BHTS model is a good fit for a family or a couple working remotely because you can change the bunkhouse to suit your needs.

It has a fridge as big as the ones in homes, an option for a washer and dryer, and three slide-outs that make the living space much bigger. Plus, there’s a full entertainment setup with a 40-inch TV, a fireplace, and comfortable seats for watching movies.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX

In 2023, there will be five different floorplans for the Jay Flight SLX. These options mean there’s something for every RVer, including models with bunk beds and ones where you can easily walk around the queen-sized bed. Two of the models have slide-outs to give you extra space.

Some of the models have a Simmons queen-size mattress, which is super comfy for camping. What’s nice is that every Jay Flight SLX comes with a dry bathroom. In some models, the bunk beds have a 4-inch mattress and can handle up to 300 pounds.

The kitchen area has the basics, like two burners, a small fridge, a microwave, and sturdy countertops. You’re likely to find a layout that works for your camping needs.

Travel Trailer Brands to Avoid

When you’re looking for a new RV, it’s a good idea to steer clear of travel trailers made by Palomino and the big RV company known as Forest River.

It’s important to know that Forest River owns and produces more than 45 other trailer brands, like Cherokee, Rockwood, Wolf Pup, and R-pod. I’d suggest avoiding these brands as well. It seems like they focus on making a lot of trailers, but not all of them are of great quality.

I understand that the low price of their travel trailers can be tempting, but many people regret buying them because they tend to break down after a year, and their value doesn’t hold up well after two years.

I’d also advise against getting travel trailer models with terms like “ultra-lite” or “half-ton” because they usually use more plywood than real wood and have lower-quality flooring, insulation, and paneling. They’re made to be lighter but might not be as durable, even if they’re larger.

Choose Only the Best Travel Trailer Brands for the Ultimate Road Trip Adventure

Ready to embark on unforgettable RV adventures? Explore the top travel trailer brands to find the perfect fit for your journey. Make an informed choice to ensure your RV investment brings you comfort, luxury, and peace of mind on the open road. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your travel experience and avoid costly regrets. Your next great adventure starts with the right travel trailer—choose wisely and hit the road with confidence!


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