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Explore the Best Day Trips from Florence and Tuscany’s Treasures


Florence isn’t just a city boasting some of Italy’s most breathtaking attractions; it also serves as an ideal hub for exploring the wonders of Tuscany and its neighboring cities. The opportunities for day trips from Florence are boundless, ranging from quick jaunts to charming Tuscan hill towns. So we curated a list of the finest day trips from Florence, complete with practical insights on the most efficient means of transportation and how to meticulously plan your day’s escapade.

While this guide revolves around the proximity of each destination to Florence, we’ve sprinkled in some unforgettable rural escapades further down the list. Plus, for those seeking a swift and dependable day trip option, we’ve placed a time-tested recommendation right at the outset.

Prepare to uncover the best day trips from Florence, Italy!

How to Get to Your Destination

While a plethora of Florence day trip guides can be found online, a critical aspect that often gets overlooked is the nitty-gritty of transportation – getting from point A to B.

The majority of the day trips from Florence are done by train. Our time estimates for structuring this guide are predicated on utilizing the swift train service (not the regional train – we’ll delve into that in a moment) for your round trip to the chosen destination.

In a handful of instances, reaching the destination will necessitate the use of a car and/or bus, and we’ve made sure to highlight these exceptions where applicable.

Top Day Trip Destinations from Florence

Below are the best locations to explore during the day if you come from Florence:


If you want to go on a day trip to Tuscany from Florence, Siena is the first town you should visit. First, it’s affordable and simple to reach. You can hop on a bus to Siena, which won’t strain your wallet, especially if you’re watching your expenses.

It has a stunning cathedral, a beautiful main square called Il Campo, winding old streets to wander through, great restaurants to enjoy, and amazing views from the top of Torre del Mangia. You’ll have lots to see and do here all day.

What’s more, it’s super convenient to combine Siena with our next-day trip stop, Monteriggioni, because they’re really close to each other. Monteriggioni is quite small, and you can explore it in just an hour.

Siena Florence Italy




Maybe the most famous of all Florence day trips is going to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. People love taking funny photos where they pretend to hold up the tower.

Honestly, Pisa is better for a half-day trip than a full-day trip. So, we suggest pairing it with Lucca. But if you want to soak up Pisa, you can go there just by yourself!

You can take a simple train ride from Florence to Pisa. If you want to go up the tower, it’s a good idea to book tickets ahead of time to make sure you get to go to the top.


Monteriggioni stands as a quaint, enclosed town nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. Exploring this charming destination won’t take up too much of your time; the must-dos include a leisurely walk through the town and a delightful stroll along its historic walls. The icing on the cake is that Monteriggioni is conveniently situated just a stone’s throw away from Siena, making it a natural pair for a seamless day trip from Florence.



Situated just under an hour’s train ride south of Florence, Arezzo is both easily accessible and delightful to explore, boasting splendid churches, panoramic vistas of the Tuscan countryside, and a wealth of activities to keep you engaged.

During your visit, make sure to include stops at the Medici Fortress, explore the archaeological museum housing the remnants of a Roman amphitheater, marvel at the remarkable frescoes inside the Church of San Francesco, and ascend the clock tower at the Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici for breathtaking views.

Arezzo is also renowned for its antique shops, making it an ideal destination if you’re in the mood for a bit of antique shopping during your Tuscany adventure.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano stands as one of Florence’s top picks for a day trip. It’s a breeze to reach, a blast to explore, and a frequent inclusion in Tuscany tour itineraries.

However, it’s worth noting that San Gimignano tends to draw quite the tourist crowd, so if you lean towards less crowded destinations, you might consider places like Cortona and Montalcino over San Gimignano.

What makes San Gimignano famous are its medieval towers – it boasts more of them than any other hill town in Tuscany. Scaling these towers to soak in panoramic vistas of the town and the Tuscan countryside ranks among the top activities in San Gimignano. Additionally, it’s a fantastic spot for shopping and savoring local culinary delights.


Bologna, the vibrant capital of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, is celebrated primarily for its absolutely sensational cuisine. If your main agenda for one of your day trips from Florence is to indulge in a culinary adventure, this is the ideal destination!

Emilia-Romagna is the authentic birthplace of many iconic Italian dishes. These dishes have become internationally renowned, and visitors often find that the original versions are simply unbeatable.

Parmigiano-reggiano, traditional balsamic vinegar, mortadella (also known as bologna), and tagliatelle al ragu (the precursor to spaghetti bolognese) are just a few of the delectable treats waiting to be savored during a day trip to Bologna.


Lucca is a charming walled city nestled in western Tuscany, conveniently close to Pisa, the enchanting Cinque Terre, and the serene Ligurian Sea. Exploring the Renaissance-era walls, ascending the many towers for a breathtaking cityscape, and enjoying a leisurely lunch in the picturesque Piazza dell’Anfiteatro are among the must-try experiences in Lucca.

A popular and practical option is to merge Lucca and Pisa into a single-day trip from Florence. Both cities are easily reachable by train and offer a concise lineup of attractions to explore.

Experience the Magic of Italy By Going on Several Enchanting Day Trips from Florence

These interesting day trips from Florence, Italy, will take you on a journey of discovery and delicious food. Our carefully chosen guide includes a wide range of things to do, from the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa to the ancient charm of San Gimignano. From the center of Florence, it’s easy to get to the art, culture, and food of Tuscany and beyond. These day trips will give you memories that you will never forget, whether you’re looking for historic sites, beautiful scenery, or delicious food. Don’t wait—plan your trip to Florence right now and see the best of Italy!


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