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8 Side Hustles and Gigs Musicians Can Do Online


Everyone has to pay their bills, but artists can find it especially hard to make a living with day jobs because our craft isn’t valued enough. So, here are some music-related side jobs that are perfect for musicians, with a focus on chances that are directly related to music rather than more common choices like Uber or Door Dash. These jobs give you the freedom to work on your singing business while also doing other things, like performances.

The Best Side Hustles for Musicians to Do at Home

Some of these suggestions might look like typical online music jobs, but each has a fresh, updated approach. Feel free to choose just one or combine several part-time jobs for musicians to build a diverse range of opportunities. It’s usually better to have multiple options instead of relying on just one; think of it as not keeping all your eggs in the same basket!

License Your Music Online

If you have a simple home studio, you could make money by selling songs online. There is a free crash course on music licensing that can teach you how to do this. It can help you choose the best licensing site and write songs that are good for licensing. With this method, you build a strong portfolio that will provide you with passive income while you do other things you enjoy. It’s important to write and record quickly. To speed up your job, use templates in your audio program.

Your songs should have strong starts, middles, ends, and changes that keep the listener interested. It’s important to write songs that meet licensing requirements, mix them well, and use the right keywords for SEO. Read the best guide to music licensing to get a full picture, and use a free music licensing earnings tool to get an idea of how much you might make. It is possible to learn how to write stock music, but it takes time and practice.

Have Music Lessons Online

Many people learn to play instruments with the help of a music teacher, so the job is well known. One of the easiest jobs for artists is to teach music online. This gives people who don’t have the skills, time or live in rural areas the freedom to work from home. If you’re already a teacher, you might want to offer online lessons through Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. Sessions can be recorded so that students can watch them again later. To get new students, post about your skills in online groups and on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Live Performances on Twitch

Twitch is a platform where you can live stream and build a following, receiving tips from viewers. While it’s popular among gamers, many artists and bands also gain substantial followings there. On Twitch, you can earn money through ads, subscribers, and by promoting your music, merchandise, tours, and more. You can direct viewers to your Spotify links to boost the playback of your studio songs. Additionally, Twitch pairs well with YouTube; you don’t need extra equipment for Twitch streaming, and you can repurpose your live streams as YouTube uploads to reach a wider audience and enhance your earning potential.

Virtual Studio Musician from Home

As a studio musician, you’re hired to play specific parts in recordings. Traditionally, these were highly skilled professionals, but now, with accessible home recording setups, any capable musician can become an online studio musician. Platforms like Airgigs and Soundbetter allow you to offer your services from home.

Earnings vary; the typical rate is around $90 but can go up to $500 for singers, songwriters, or specialized instrument players. While these sites take a commission (about 10% for AirGigs), the potential earnings are significant, especially considering a session might only take about half an hour, making it a lucrative side job in music.

Make Music and Money on Patreon

Patreon is a platform where fans can financially support artists either through monthly donations or per project, like for each single released. To succeed on Patreon, you need to attract fans to your page and offer them enticing rewards. It’s crucial to have a fan base already, which you can build through platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or an email list.

Patreon is most effective with an existing audience, so focus on building that first. Before promoting your Patreon widely, get support from family, friends, and dedicated fans, as visible supporter numbers can encourage others to contribute, similar to a tip jar’s effect in a restaurant.

Sell Your Beats Online

Selling beats online is a unique way to make side income as a musician, focusing specifically on creating instrumental hip-hop tracks for aspiring rappers. Unlike licensing stock music, which can vary in genre and complexity, here you concentrate solely on instrumental hip-hop and aim for simplicity in your compositions, usually including just a hook and a verse, sometimes with a chorus. The goal is to produce beats similar to those heard on the radio, so listening and adhering to that style is key.

Make and Sell Online Courses

If you put in the work, selling online classes can be a very successful business. It lets you teach a wide audience a musical skill you’re good at, just like YouTube. What if you could make a good living teaching music production and also feel good about helping other people reach their goals and getting positive feedback? The great thing about this method is the work that goes into making the course and the rewards that come after. Start by coming up with ideas for your course. Some ideas could be making your sounds or playing the guitar to make ambient drones. The options are endless.

Create and Sell Some Sample Packs

If you’re skilled in the studio with a variety of great sounds at your disposal, consider creating and selling your own sample packs, instrument patches, or MIDI patterns. Chances are, you’ve already created some of these for personal use, presenting an opportunity to earn extra income by selling them. Remember to use source material and avoid copyrighted samples.

Tailor your sample packs to your expertise; if hip-hop is your area, focus on hip-hop drum samples, drum patterns, or synth presets. If EDM is more your style, then create content in that genre. Additionally, if you play traditional instruments, there’s a huge potential to create unique sample packs, like recording electric guitar licks, acoustic guitar strumming, or capturing the sounds of your city. The potential for creativity is limitless!

Get Started on Some Effective Music Side Hustles Today

You can teach music online, sell beats, perform live on streaming services, license your own music, and make your sample packs. The options are endless. Use your love and skills for music to build a fulfilling and financially rewarding job that lets you connect with people all over the world. Start looking into these options right away, and you’ll see your business and singing skills grow.


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