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8 Hacks to Get Inexpensive Flights and Save Money


Finding cheap flights can feel like an endless search, with so many websites and prices changing all the time. But scoring those super affordable flights is like hitting the jackpot and can seriously stretch your travel budget. It’s tough to figure out the best time to book, whether it’s early or at the last minute. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back with all the best hacks to help you find cheap flights to anywhere you want to go. Let’s get you flying for less!

Some Hacks Before Booking Your Flight

If you have been searching for reliable travel hacks for cheap flights, you’re on the right page! Over time, smart travelers have found that using a mix of these methods usually works well. Getting good flight deals is tough because many people are after them, especially now after the pandemic. But don’t worry, cheap flights still exist, you just need to be savvy. Here are our booking flight hacks for finding great flight prices to your dream spots!

Search in Incognito Mode

When you’re hunting for the best flight deals, it’s frustrating to see prices go up before your eyes. But here’s the secret: those sneaky “cookies” on your browser are tracking your searches and pushing prices higher based on demand. The solution? Use incognito mode, which resets your cookies each time you open a new window, keeping prices low. Simply open an incognito window and start your search to avoid inflated prices. Close all incognito windows between searches to ensure you’re getting the best deals every time. Happy hunting!

Be Flexible

To grab cheap flight tickets, let your imagination wander. Being set on specific dates or destinations limits options. Instead, stay flexible. Check out Skyscanner and Google Flights for comparison. They’re your go-to for exploring options.

Sometimes, a bargain flight means a layover in an unexpected place. Embrace it as a chance to explore new spots. Here are some tips:

  • Try different routes: Madrid might be cheaper than Rome.
  • Be flexible with dates.
  • Consider multi-day layovers for added adventure and savings.

By being flexible, you can save big bucks and discover new destinations simultaneously!

Fly on Less Busier Days

Business travelers usually fly on Monday and Friday, while leisure travelers prefer Friday and Sunday for weekend getaways. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are less busy, so prices might be lower. Flexibility is key; if you can choose your travel days, you might save money.

Use Budget Airlines

To snag super cheap flights, go for budget airlines! They often beat big airlines with business class options or affordability. But, be ready to give up some perks like legroom and freebies. Still, it’s worth it for the savings. Stock up on snacks and water before your flight.

When booking, check airline websites carefully. Look out for:

  • Read the fine print!
  • Check airport locations; some fly to farther airports.
  • Know luggage rules; extra fees can be hefty.
  • Have your ticket ready; some airlines only do online check-in.

Remember, you’re after the cheapest flight, not the fanciest airline. Stay flexible, research well, and know the ticket conditions. To find budget flights, check out different budget airlines. Keep an eye on their deals too!

Remember the 24-Hour Rule

Flight prices can change fast, so if you spot a good deal, act quickly! Use the 24-hour rule to your advantage. This rule, set by the USDOT, lets you lock in a price or make free changes/cancellations within 24 hours of booking. If you’ve booked directly with the airline for a trip to or from the US, you can cancel for free within 24 hours, as long as it’s at least seven days before your trip.

Many online travel agencies, like Priceline, have similar rules. This means you can grab a cheap flight and still have a day to confirm your plans. If the price drops within 24 hours, you can rebook at the lower rate and cancel the original ticket.

Consider the Cheapest Place to Fly

Got the travel bug? Wondering where to go next?

For budget-conscious travelers, finding the cheapest flights is key. Use search engines like Kayak, Google Flights, or Skyscanner.

Here’s how:

  • On Kayak, click ‘Explore’, enter your departure airport (you can include nearby airports), set your budget and dates, and voila! Cheap flight options worldwide!
  • On Google Flights or Skyscanner, type your departure city, set destination to ‘Anywhere’, choose your dates or select ‘cheapest month’, and boom! A list of budget-friendly destinations organized by country.

If you’re flexible, consider less popular destinations for cheaper flights. And if you spot a great deal, don’t hesitate – book it!

Change Currency or Location But Don’t Clear Your Cookies

You can save money on flights by changing your currency or location, especially when booking with a foreign airline. Just open two browser windows: one with your real location and currency, and another with the airline’s country and currency. Compare prices on both to see if you can get a better deal by booking in the airline’s home currency or location. However, this trick doesn’t always work and could sometimes make prices higher. And don’t worry about clearing your cookies; it won’t affect flight prices.

Pack Light on Budget Airlines

With budget airlines and basic economy options, you might not get a free checked bag or even a free carry-on when flying internationally. If carry-ons are allowed, there are usually size and weight limits. Some budget airlines charge bag fees per flight leg, so if you have a connecting flight, you’ll pay twice. To avoid extra fees, pack light and use tricks like wearing your heaviest items on the plane, packing light layers, doing laundry during your trip, limiting shoes, and using packing cubes to save space and stay organized.

Follow our Cheap Flight Hacks to Save Big While on Vacation

Ready to fly for less? Use these savvy hacks to score cheap flights and stretch your travel budget! Stay flexible with dates and destinations, search incognito to avoid inflated prices, and consider budget airlines for big savings. Remember the 24-hour rule for price changes and explore less popular destinations for even better deals. Pack light, compare prices in different currencies, and get ready for your next adventure without breaking the bank!


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