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8 Black Nonprofits Supporting Women


Black non-profit organizations are at the forefront of addressing critical issues faced by Black women, ranging from health disparities and economic inequities to educational access and social justice. These organizations play a pivotal role in fostering empowerment and driving systemic change within their communities.

H.O.P.E. (Helping Our People Excel)

Founded in 1983, H.O.P.E. (Helping Our People Excel) operates under the umbrella of the Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI), dedicated to improving the health and wellness of Black women and girls across the United States. The organization focuses on advocating for policies that enhance healthcare access and promote evidence-based strategies.

For example, the Black Women’s Health Imperative highlights that Black women face a breast cancer mortality rate 40% higher than white women due to disparities in early detection and treatment services. Through educational programs, community outreach, and policy advocacy, H.O.P.E. aims to reduce these disparities and improve overall health outcomes for Black women nationwide.

The National Coalition for the Homeless

The National Coalition for the Homeless is committed to addressing the complex challenges faced by homeless individuals, particularly within Black communities where women are disproportionately affected. The organization advocates for policies that ensure equitable access to housing and support services for homeless Black women.
Raising awareness about the unique intersections of race, gender, and homelessness allow them to work towards systemic change to alleviate these issues. Through grassroots organizing, public education campaigns, and policy advocacy, the Coalition strives to create lasting solutions that improve the lives of homeless Black women and their families.

Pointters Community Initiative

Economic empowerment lies at the heart of the Pointters Community Initiative, which champions initiatives such as Buy From a Black Woman. This program provides crucial support to Black female entrepreneurs by offering tools, resources, mentorship, and education to help them succeed in business.

Pointters Community Initiative recognizes the economic disparities faced by Black women, who often operate businesses with significantly smaller annual sales compared to their counterparts. The initiative can create sustainable pathways to prosperity and equity through effective entrepreneurship and economic growth within Black communities.


CAN I LIVE, INC focuses on empowering young Black girls through education and technology. At the core of their mission is Black Girls Code, a program designed to teach coding and computer science skills to young Black girls. By 2040, the organization aims to train one million girls, bridging the digital divide and preparing them for careers in the technology sector.

Through workshops, coding camps, and mentorship programs, CAN I LIVE, INC equips girls with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in STEM fields, thereby empowering them to become leaders and innovators of the future.

Legacy Institute for Financial Education

The Legacy Institute for Financial Education addresses economic marginalization and racial disparities by promoting financial literacy and independence among Black women. Through educational programs and advocacy efforts, the institute aims to dismantle systemic barriers that hinder economic empowerment.

The Legacy Institute empowers Black women to achieve long-term financial stability and success through resources and tools for financial management, investing, and entrepreneurship. Their initiatives seek to create pathways to economic independence, thereby fostering resilience and prosperity within Black communities.

Career Girls

Career Girls focuses on empowering young Black girls through mentorship, educational resources, and career guidance. Their programs provide valuable insights into various career paths and offer support for personal and professional development. Partnering with organizations like Black Girls Smile Inc., Career Girls also prioritizes mental health education and support.

Through workshops and resources that promote resilience and well-being, Career Girls helps young Black girls navigate challenges and build successful futures. Career Girls empowers girls to achieve their full potential with a supportive community and providing access to opportunities.

IlluminXation Inc

IlluminXation Inc. is dedicated to advancing social justice for Black women within the legal system. The organization advocates for equitable treatment, addressing issues such as criminalization, economic marginalization, and domestic violence.

Through legal advocacy, policy reform initiatives, and community engagement, IlluminXation Inc. works to dismantle racial and gender barriers that disproportionately affect Black women. By promoting fairness, justice, and equality, the organization strives to ensure that Black women receive fair and just outcomes within the legal framework.

Ms. Foundation for Women

For decades, the Ms. Foundation for Women has been a trailblazer in promoting gender equality and social justice. The foundation supports grassroots initiatives that empower Black women and girls by advocating for policies that foster inclusivity, leadership, and systemic change.

Through strategic grantmaking, leadership development programs, and advocacy efforts, the Ms. Foundation amplifies the voices of Black women and addresses structural inequalities that impact their lives. The foundation works towards a more equitable and empowered future for all women with community-driven solutions and promoting intersectional feminism.

Empowering Black Women for a Better Future

These black-owned non-profit organizations are vital advocates for Black women, addressing multifaceted challenges through their focus on health, economic empowerment, education, social justice, and mental health. Championing systemic change and fostering community-driven initiatives allow organizations to not only support individual women but also contribute to broader societal shifts towards equity and empowerment. As we look ahead, the efforts of these organizations are crucial in paving the way for a more equitable and empowered future for Black women everywhere.


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