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20 Effective Ways to Get Rid of June Bugs

When it’s warm outside, June bugs can be annoying. They eat plants and swarm around lights at night, making it hard to enjoy your garden or sit outside. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of June bugs, from simple tricks to using products that keep bugs away. If you’re tired of June bugs and want to take back your outdoor space, there are solutions to help you enjoy a bug-free summer.

1. Nighttime Bucket Trick

A soapy water bucket is a super easy way to catch June bugs. Just put it under a bright light outside at night. The light attracts the bugs, and they fall into the bucket. The soap keeps them from coming out. This is a great way to get rid of June bugs at night.

2. Zap Them Away

Bug zappers can be your nighttime warriors to get rid of June bugs. They attract June bugs with light and then zap them away. Remember, they can also accidentally zap some good bugs, so use them wisely.

3. Invite Helpful Worms

Nematodes are tiny worms that love to snack on June bug larvae. To keep June bugs away, sprinkle them in your soil; they’ll help reduce the June bug babies without harming your plants.

4. Powder Power

Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder that’s rough for bugs but safe for your garden. You can use this powder to repel June bugs by sprinkling it around to help prevent larvae from growing.

5. Nature’s Helpers

Birds, bats, and even toads eat June bugs, so if you protect your yard, these animals will help you get rid of them.

6. Trap Them with Scents

Pheromone traps use special scents to get rid of June bugs. They’re good at catching the boys, which helps cut down on future bugs.

7. Pick Them Off

If you have the time and wish to keep June bugs away, you can also pick them off your plants when you see them and drop them into soapy water to say goodbye.

8. Keep It Clean

A tidy garden means fewer places for June bugs to hide and make more bugs. Keeping your garden clean is a simple but effective strategy to keep June bugs away.

9. Protect Your Plants

You can cover your plants with nets at night to eliminate June bugs without hurting them.

10. Light the Right Way

Switching to LED lights outside can make your home less attractive to June bugs. They’re not fans of LED lights, making this a great tip for repelling them.

11. Bring in the Milky Spore

Milky spore is a natural bacteria that kills June bug larvae in the soil. It will keep your yard safe and keep June bugs away for a long time.

12. Love Your Lawn

A well-cared-for lawn is less inviting to June bugs. Things like aerating your soil and keeping up with watering make it tougher for June bugs to settle in.

13. Essential Oils

Oils like neem, citronella, and cedarwood can help keep June bugs away. They’re natural and safe to use around your garden and home.

14. Sometimes, Go Chemical

If natural methods aren’t cutting it, you might consider using chemicals. Pay attention to the guidelines and pick the ones made for June bugs.

15. Know Their Schedule

Understanding when June bugs go away can help you plan. June bugs show up in late spring and stick around until early summer. If you know their schedule, you can avoid the problem next year.

16. Create a Vinegar Trap

In a bowl, mix equal parts water and white vinegar. Place the bowl in your yard or near where June bugs are common. Bugs are drawn to the smell of vinegar and die in it. This method works both during the day and at night, making it useful to eliminate June bugs at night.

17. Use Garlic Spray

Mix garlic cloves with water, then strain the liquid into a spray bottle to make your garlic spray. Spritz the solution onto plants and foliage where June bugs gather. Garlic has a strong smell that naturally keeps bugs away, which will help keep June bugs out of your yard.

18. Deploy Floating Row Covers

You can put floating row covers over plants to keep bugs like June bugs away. The fabrics are light and airy. Secure the covers over your garden beds or rows of plants to create a physical barrier that prevents the bugs from reaching your vegetation, effectively keeping June bugs away.

19. Utilize Beneficial Plants

Certain plants, such as marigolds, chrysanthemums, and tansies, emit natural odors or contain compounds that repel insects, including June bugs. Integrate these bug-repelling plants into your garden landscape to deter June bugs and other unwanted pests.

20. Apply Neem Oil

Neem oil, which comes from the seeds of the neem tree, naturally kills bugs and keeps them away. Follow the directions on the bottle to dilute neem oil, then spray it on hurt plants and the places around them. Neem oil changes the timing of June bugs’ eating and reproducing, which helps lower their numbers and eliminate them for good.

By mixing and matching these tips, you’ll find the best ways to keep those June bugs at bay. Whether you’re a fan of natural methods or need something stronger, there’s a solution here for everyone. Here’s to a June bug-free summer!


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